Tips on How Apps Can Save You Money on School Supplies

Getting your kids prepared for school can be a challenging time. You’ll have to help them mentally prepare for the next teachers they will have, maybe even the sometimes difficult transition from middle school to high school. But, just as taxing is what the start of school can do to your wallet. Buying new textbooks, the lastest fashionable backpack, supplies for different subjects, you name it and the receipts begin to stack up. 

When trying to find ways to save money on school supplies, I ran across this very informative article with some recommended apps, it helped me advance my knowledge of how to save a few more bucks. So, click on the link to the article, but read on to what I learned about how apps can help you save some precious dollars during the beginning of the school year. 

Money-Saving Apps for Kids’ School Supplies

Help You Create a List of Everything Needed for Back to School 

First and foremost, if you have one kid going into high-school, and another still in elementary, you are going to need different supplies for both students. Therefore, before going to the store or shopping online, its best to find an app that can help you organize and list all the things you need for each student. That way, you are not having to run to the store over and over again, or have dozens of packages arrive to your door, all with extra delivery costs. Another good reason for downloading a school supply list app is for the fortunate supply similarities. For example, both students are probably going to need plenty of notebooks, pens, calculators, and printing paper. If you can see where you need to double up on some items, you might be able to find deeper discounts in the bulk-buying section of the store’s website or aisles. 

Loyalty Programs From Your Favorite Stores

Another great use of apps during the back to school season is an app that can find stores located around you the feature loyalty programs. That way, whenever you buy things from them, you get deep discounts on other things you need to buy. For example, if you sign up for the loyalty program at a particular store, the app will notify you of where you can earn points, or find discounts. You can save a lot of money when buying school supplies by checking in to the store and seeing what the discount of the day is, or what day is better to go for certain discounts. That way, you can organize all the supplies you need to buy that is on discount that day, and never pay full price. 

Alerts When Prices Drop 

Yet another clever app concept that will benefit you during back to school season is the app that notifies you of dropping prices. For example, let’s say your teenager is begging for the newest trendy backpack or those really expensive running shoes for track and field. Of course, you want them to have nice things and shoes designed for speed and distance, but sometimes those items can be very costly. One pair of expensive running shoes can seriously damage your budget. Luckily, you can set up a list of wanted or liked items, and when the price drops, it will notify you immediately. This way, you can make your student happy by getting the item they desired the most as well as yourself by leaving some money in your wallet. 

In Conclusion 

Buying school supplies for one or more students can be time consuming and expensive. Therefore, let apps be your deal finder and organized assistant by helping you list out all the items each student needs, and notify you when certain items are on sale. You’ll never have to pay full price again if you apply to loyalty programs, receive price drop notifications, and buy in bulk the items you need all year round. 

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