The Best Ideas for a Girls’ Night In

When was the last time you had a fun time with your girlfriends somewhere other than a crowded club? If your last cool night at home was at a pajama party 10 years ago, maybe it’s time to bring girls’ nights in back to your weekend plans.

Now, we get why some people would rather spend a Saturday night anywhere but inside the house. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, listen to new music, and nights in usually end up with everybody on their phones, anyway. But sometimes, we’re short of money or just don’t feel like going anywhere. That’s when you should call your friends up for a change.

If you knew the array of nice and free options you have to organize the best girl’s night ever, you’d be doing it more often. Keep reading for a few tips that will make you all thankful you stayed in.

Binge Watch Everything

From random episodes of Friends to the funniest chick flicks ever made, there’s no limit to what you can watch in one night. Some ideas to get you started are:

  • Horror films. Choose corny, 80s slashers if you’ve got a scaredy-cat in the group, or horrors based on true stories for a real scare. Just don’t scream too loud, or you might disrupt your neighbors.
  • Musicals and live shows. Everybody remembers High School Musical and similar teenage fevers, right? So, we can all agree that one of the best feelings ever is to sing along to music everyone knows the lyrics to. Choose a musical or a live show from a band everyone (or mostly everyone) in the group likes and have fun! Again, don’t turn the music up when it’s late.
  • Funny YouTube videos, vlogs, and music videos. The great thing about YouTube is that you’ll never run out of content to watch. Browse through billions of videos and find out something to laugh at, relate to, or sing along to.
  • TV shows. Find out which TV shows have two seasons or less, or just a few short episodes. You can watch those in one night, perhaps one sitting.

Even if you or your girlfriends aren’t subscribed to any streaming platforms, sites such as Free Trials have a complete listing of available trials for premium services.

Try New Hairstyles

A change is always welcome, particularly when we have our friends’ support. We’re not telling you to dye your hair purple or chop it on a whim, not if you don’t want to. But you can try a new hairstyle on yourself and your friends by using clip-in bangs, clip-in ponytails, or any type of hair extensions you may have at home. These hairpieces are made with human hair, and you can even dye them without having to lay a finger on your own hair. You can choose from a range of colors and styles that fit your face shape, and they blend in with real hair like magic.

That’s just an idea, of course. If you’re feeling radical, go for a real trim or dye and hope for the best.

Create a Photoshoot

If you and your friends need fresh pictures to post on social media and are tired of taking the same selfies over and over, it’s time to innovate. Use your phones or a professional camera (if you have one) for a nice photoshoot you won’t have to spend a dollar on. After a makeup session, take turns photographing one another.

Also, try to get creative with the space around you. Research DIY ideas for backdrops and lighting to make a simple at-home photoshoot look professional. It’s easier than you think.

Play “Truth or Dare”

This game is a classic and doesn’t require anything but a bottle, a list of questions/dares, and a little bit of courage. Even without men around, you and your girls can still have the same amount of fun and feel at ease to be 100 percent yourselves.

In an all-girls situation, you don’t necessarily need to make the questions and dares dirty. Make them funny if you’d prefer. On a final note, remember that none of you have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If everyone has a blast, the idea of a girls’ night out will rule over any party, any day.

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