Practical Stocking Stuffers For the Most Pragmatic Gift Givers

If you are a pragmatic giver, you don’t want to waste money or energy buying gifts that the person receiving won’t need or use. You want to ensure that each gift is needed and loved. While it may be fairly easy to buy practical large gifts based on the needs of the people you’re buying for, stocking stuffers may seem more difficult. You don’t want to fill them up with candy, but you need gifts that are small enough to fit into a stocking.

Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas for pragmatic gift-givers.

Vitamins and Supplements


Helping your loved ones stay healthy and get the vitamins and supplements they need for optimal health is a convenient and heartfelt gift. Going into flu season, vitamin C is important. Vitamin D is important year-round but especially going into the winter months when people are less likely to be outside in the sun. Research shows that most people in the United States are not getting enough vitamin D. Calcium and Magnesium are beneficial for the elderly, who may not be getting everything they need from food. Regardless of the vitamins or supplements you buy, be sure to talk to your loved one about taking them.



The Root Of It All offers CBD oil blends specially designed to target stomach problems, sleep problems, or issues with stress and anxiety. They are high-quality and all-natural products that you can trust. They are also affordable, which makes them practical for ongoing use. If your loved one is regularly stressed due to life or work, having difficulty sleeping, or regularly down with stomach issues, CBD oil may help them feel better and live their best life without constant trips to the doctor.

Socks and Underwear


Socks and underwear are a classic Christmas gift that moms love to give their children, but they also make great gifts for adults. Additionally, adults appreciate new panties or cozy warm socks because those are the little things they are unlikely to splurge on for themselves. Visiting a company like Soma, specializing in undergarments for women, will provide her with a little bit of luxury she wouldn’t otherwise own. Panties and socks are also great because they fit nicely in a Christmas stocking.



For people who regularly use chapstick, they never have enough. Chapstick is small, inexpensive, and very practical. You can splurge on your loved ones and buy a variety of chapstick in different flavors. Even if you buy the more expensive chapsticks, they are still inexpensive.



Batteries are a useful gift regardless of the age of the recipient. Adults are always looking to stock up on batteries, so they will definitely be appreciated. Kids always need batteries for their toys, remotes, and gaming systems. Parents will even appreciate you buying their kids batteries because then, hopefully, the children will stop stealing the batteries out of the television remotes.

Hand Sanitizer


After experiencing a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer, it’s a convenient gift and ideal for a stocking stuffer. You can fit both regular-sized bottles and the personal-sized bottles in stockings. While it isn’t a fun or glamorous gift, it’s definitely practical.

Phone charger


An extra phone charger is an amazingly practical gift and will be appreciated. Chargers regularly get lost, borrowed, or broken, and there is no substitute. If something happens to your charger, you have to buy a new one. Car charger adaptors, extra cords, or extra boxes are great gifts for anyone with a cell phone. Ensure you check what kind of charging cord they need first, so you don’t waste time or money buying the wrong one.