Outro Making Tips- The Game-Changer For Your Youtube Videos

If you are reading this article, there is a high chance that you are aware of the famous video sharing platform Youtube and you must be reasonably aware of its benefits. Thanks to modern technology, smartphones, and sufficiently fast data speed, the whole world is at our fingertips. Ranging from the live telecasts of the latest sports to newly released movies and various other things, everything is available online, just a blink away. Numerous studies have proved a video message is easier to understand and retain; hence it is widely used by marketers and content creators to produce their work and share it with their audiences.

Youtube Video making

Nowadays, almost everyone ranging from celebrities, content creators, and newcomers have a youtube channel and are regularly posting content on it. This platform offers an incredible opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity to the world. There are hundreds of articles and information available online on how to make good quality youtube videos, so I will not bore you with the same details that are available everywhere but will cover just one crucial aspect of youtube video making.

Youtube Outro making

Good content is one of the ultimate factors that distinguish quality work from the ocean of videos available online. Even after working hard on the content, storyline, camera, and other aspects, you cannot receive the desired response from your work. Along with the content, some other elements are equally important for the success of your creativity. Yes, I’m talking about the concluding part of your youtube videos. Despite creating a killer introduction and unique overall video, you will end up losing if your conclusion is not equally brilliant. Some YouTubers don’t even give outro at all in their videos.

Making a good outro is important-

  • It helps to finish in a high note
  • It helps you to communicate your message with your viewers.
  • It increases the total watch time
  • It helps to achieve the desired result from your work
  • It is great to put a call for an action message after the end of your video.

There are lots of other advantages of having a well-planned outro in your youtube video. But let’s keep those for another day. Let us look into the aspects to follow while making a killer outro for your channel videos.

Things to follow while making Youtube Outros

  • Keep it very simple

It can be overwhelming for you to make a good outro for your youtube video in the initial stage. But don’t worry, it is not rocket science, as mentioned, start with a reliable youtube editor and select a template that suits your style. But make sure you don’t clutter it with too much information and other things. Try to keep as free and straightforward as possible. Always go for a lighter background like white and only post the essential stuff in brief in the outro section of your video.

·         What will be the correct size

It would assist if you were careful about the size while making a youtube outro for your videos. Experts suggest sticking within 1920px by 1080px for your youtube outros, the same as the actual video. Following this will help your audiences to watch your work both on the large screen as well as on mobile devices properly. Remember that the outro is a part of your whole video and pays sufficient attention while creating it.

  • The length of the outro

Make your outro lengthy enough for your audience to see it correctly and not in a hurry. Making your outro too short in length will not help achieve the desired results, and your viewers will mostly overlook it. Experts suggest keeping the period of the outro at a minimum of 8 seconds to maximize its benefits. Make sure your outro is not just a basic slide you put in at the end of your video as a formality. As already mentioned, pay adequate attention to creating it.

  • Choose the templates properly

If you start making an outro for your videos, you can always take help from a reliable outro maker available online. Most of the editors offer multiple preset templates and backgrounds for you to choose from. Select a template and background that goes with the overall theme and color scheme of your video and channel to start with. You can even edit them as per your taste to make it more relatable according to your liking.

  • Call for action

Your outro will be the last thing your audience will see in your video. And if your viewer came to the end of your video, it means you successfully engaged your viewers with your content. So make sure to provide the necessary content and information in the outro section. Provide links to your other videos, website, request your viewers to subscribe to your channel, etc. The outro is the best place to engage with your audience and urge them to take a step according to your requirement.

  • Engagement is very important

Use your channel’s brand logo, your voice in the outro of your video, to create the best impact. You can always personally feature yourself in the outro and express gratitude to your viewers for supporting your content and can request them to like and subscribe to your channel. It will help you to create a personal bond with your audiences.

  • Be creative

Using preset templates and backgrounds can make your work similar to other creators and can be less appealing. You can try to create your background and template using a good video editor like invideo. This will help you to garner organic viewers and followers. Creating your background and template will make your channel and videos unique and one of its kind among millions of videos online. This will also help you to distinguish your work from others and will let your viewers recognize your channel out of others.


Get set and create a fantastic outro for your videos, use the above tips, be creative, and be consistent.