Motorcyclists Beware: 8 Tips for Riding Safely During the Rain

When it’s raining, hazards can be more difficult to see, it can be harder to stop quickly, and there is a higher risk of motorcyclists being involved in an accident. While it’s not possible to ensure other drivers are paying attention and driving as safe as possible in the rain, there are some things motorcyclists can do to keep themselves safe. 

Purchase High-Quality Reflective Gear

Motorcyclists in Corpus Christi will want to purchase high-quality reflective gear to help prevent an accident. The reflective gear makes it easier for other drivers to see the motorcyclists, which can help reduce the chance of getting in an accident. This should be worn any time it rains as visibility is reduced for everyone on the road. 

Make Sure Tires are in Good Shape

Tires that are low on the tread aren’t going to have good traction. If it’s necessary to ride in the rain, always check the tires before heading out. They should be fully aired and should still have plenty of traction to make gripping the road easier on the ride. 

Avoid Slippery Areas

Some parts of the road are slippery than others, so it’s best to avoid them if possible. Slippery areas can include paint lines, spots where the water puddling is rainbow-colored because of oil contamination, and manhole covers. It is harder to maintain control of the motorcycle when crossing these areas, which could lead to an accident. 

Stay in the Driest Part of the Lane

What many motorcyclists may not realize is that some parts of the lane are drier than others. It is necessary to avoid puddles as much as possible. On top of that, try riding in the lines created by cars in front of the motorcycle. Their tires push water away from that line, making that the driest part of the road. 

Stay Back Further From Vehicles

When it’s raining, stay back from other vehicles as much as possible. Even though motorcycles can stop faster than larger vehicles, it can be difficult or impossible to stop if another vehicle suddenly comes to a complete stop in the rain. Water on the road makes it take longer to stop, so make sure there is plenty of room to stop in an emergency. 

Slow Down

With all of the hazards on the road, when it’s raining, it’s crucial to slow down. All traffic, not just motorcycles, should slow down in the rain, especially during heavy rain. Slower speeds make it possible to see hazards quicker and mean less room is needed to stop. 

Use an Anti-Fogging Treatment

Anti-fogging treatments should be used on goggles, visors, and the windshield, depending on what the motorcyclist is using. Fogging can severely reduce vision for the motorcyclist. When anti-fogging treatment is used, this won’t be as much of a worry and they’ll be able to see easier. 

Seek Shelter for Lightning

If there is lightning, always pull over as fast as possible and find shelter. It is better to arrive late than to risk being hit by lightning during a storm. If possible, wait out the lightning inside a building for better protection.

Riding a motorcycle when it’s raining can be more dangerous and there is a higher risk of being in an accident. However, by following the tips here, you can reduce the possibility of being in an accident. Take proper precautions whenever it’s raining, even if it’s only a small amount of rain, to stay safe on the road.