How to Throw an Unforgettable Cinco de Mayo Party

Cinco De Mayo celebrates the day that Mexico beat the French in the Battle of Puebla. It’s a pretty minor holiday in Mexico but there are still plenty of parties and parades that happen in America to commemorate the day.

This being said, do you plan to throw your own Cinco De Mayo party this year? There are certain things that you can’t do without like a taco bar or a piñata. The dollar store has a lot of cheap decoration options. Another thing you can’t have a party without? Photos! Look for Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth to schedule ahead of time!

To help you throw the best celebration on your block, here is a whole list of things that you should keep in mind for your party.

1. Don’t Bother with Paper Invites

Save money for your party by sending out digital invites instead of paper ones. You can do something as simple as creating a Facebook event or go to a website to create custom invitations. 

Some of these sites have great Cinco De Mayo designs that you can use. After you’ve made your invite, all you have to do is email them to your guests. Simple as that.  

2. You’ve Got to Have a Taco Bar 

No Cinco De Mayo celebration is complete without a taco bar. It’s not expensive to provide one and your guests will have a great time creating their own custom tacos. 

You’ll need corn tortillas (they’re healthier and taste better than flour), beans (pinto are fine), meats, veggies, cheese, and salsa. Make sure that you provide plenty of vegetarian options for your guests who need it too! 

3. Margarita Bars are Nice Too 

Margarita bars aren’t expensive to set up and while they aren’t as essential as your taco bar, they’re nice to have. It allows guests to pour their own drinks which gives you a break from having to do it. 

Put out a few pitchers of margaritas, salt or sugar-rimmed glasses, and lime slices. If you don’t want to do margaritas then you can do Palomas. It’s a cocktail that uses grapefruit and tequila. 

4. Piñatas 

It’s not a party without some form of party entertainment. For your Cinco De Mayo celebration, this entertainment will be a piñata. They aren’t only fun for kids. 

Adults can take a crack at it too. You can make your own piñata or buy one from a store and stuff them full of candy and other goodies. 

5. Visit the Dollar Store 

Let’s face it, throwing a party isn’t cheap. The dollar store can make the expense a little bit more manageable though. You can get all sorts of great Cinco De Mayo decorations from them. 

You’ll need red, white, and green plates and cups, bulk candy for the piñata, tablecloths, serving bowls, and more.  

How to Throw an Amazing Cinco De Mayo Party 

Are you planning to throw your own Cinco De Mayo party? There are some essential celebration details that you’ll need to keep in mind.

Don’t forget the taco bar and head to the dollar store for cheap decorations. Throw a party that your entire block will be talking about for weeks. 

Was your celebration a roaring success? We’re happy to hear it! Check out our blog daily for more party planning tips.  

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