How to Start and Market Your CBD Company

For people who consider starting a company, a new industry that demonstrates profitability is the cannabidiol (CBD) market. Industry projections anticipate the CBD industry will reach $20 billion in sales by 2023. CBD is one of many elements found in medical marijuana or cannabis and hemp plants. This ingredient doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH), a well-known cannabinoid derived from hemp and cannabis that causes intoxication upon consumption.

CBD edibles, dietary supplements, tinctures, and topical creams increase in hype and popularity. Safe, clean, and effective hemp and CBD products come from Plain Jane, a reputable hemp and CBD marketplace. Plain Jane offers various products, including hemp cigarettes. The Plain Jane company is the originator of low smell CBD cigarettes. A water curing process removes the traditional scents of cannabis and produces hemp cigarettes with a familiar taste, that lack tobacco, and nicotine. This Southern Oregon company, which has licensure from the Oregon Department of Agriculture, sources its CBD flower from American farms via sustainable, organic practices.

Prospective business owners of CBD companies must ensure they adhere to laws regarding CBD the way Plain Jane does. For instance, the federal government deems CBD products legal only if they come from hemp that contains less than 0.3 percent TCH. Whether business owners open a brick-and-mortar store or an online store, they should make sure their company adheres to local and state laws.

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To reach consumers and potential customers online, CBD business owners should consider having popular influencers speak about their products through blogs, videos, or social media posts. Business owners can use influencers’ testimonials to increase their brand awareness and reputation.

A business website is the customers’ best source for information about a company and the products and services it offers. The best business sites are those that don’t crash and interrupt customers’ browsing, reading, and purchasing. Including photos, descriptions, and prices of products allows customers to make well-informed purchases that will meet their needs.

Websites should implement the best technology and the most powerful enterprise software to function and serve customers. The most significant way to help customers is to listen to their feedback. A customer support team comprised of professionals with strong interpersonal skills and trained in using robust software is capable of listening to and implementing customer feedback. Great customer experiences encourage customer loyalty, which improves business.

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Virtual call center solutions from Bright Pattern, the provider of the industry’s most powerful, yet straightforward cloud contact center, enable companies and their call centers to reach many customers and consumers simultaneously. Bright Pattern’s innovative call center software makes providing excellent customer service via all communication channels a reality for mid-size companies and enterprises.

While most competitors are multi-channel, Bright Pattern is the original omnichannel software solution. The omnichannel platform offers the seamless connection of customers to call center representatives via phone calls, SMS, live chats, emails, and more, without disrupting communication or having to transfer customers to different agents and departments. Such technology lets companies efficiently assist customers and respond to questions or concerns, increasing call center productivity.

Businesses powered with Bright Pattern software will be able to handle outbound calls in addition to inbound calls. Bright Pattern’s cloud predictive dialer streamlines outbound calling by utilizing advanced statistical algorithms and call metrics. This software can screen out busy signals, disconnected phones, answering machines, and faxes to check that the caller ID is a real person’s.

With its cloud-based predictive dialers, Bright Pattern increases agent dialing rates and productivity and decreases idle time. Being able to predict when a call center representative can pick up a call enables outbound call centers to utilize sales teams and engage in telemarketing effectively.

Utilizing technology, small business owners can create an informative, well-functioning website and use telemarketing for advertising their CBD company.

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