How to Build the Perfect Game Room in 4 Easy Steps

A lot of people get things wrong when they build their first leisure or game room. Too many create a conversational grouping of couches and stick a game table in the corner and say they’re done. Let’s be honest – it isn’t enough to have a pool table in the corner to create a good game room. For others, it is an open space more suitable for yoga than family get-togethers. Let’s learn how to build the perfect game room in 5 easy steps.

Understand the Space You’re Working With

First and foremost, know how large the space is that you’ll be working with. Understand limitations like support columns or doorways. Another factor to consider is the space required for various activities. For example, you aren’t just fitting a game table in the corner. You need three to five feet of additional space around each game table for players. Have an understanding of the space requirements so that you can fit in what really matters without making the space too crowded.

Create a List of What You Want to Do

If you ask your family what they want in a game room, you’re probably going to end up with a list that’s longer than what will fit in the space. However, that long list is a starting point. Once you have a lot of options, ask your family to rank them by priority. What do they value most? Try to create a priority list, and you can strike things off the list based on space and budgetary constraints.

Set a Budget

Every game room needs to have a budget. Then you don’t spend money on a visitor-friendly layout but lack money for good entertainment options. And you’ll make the choice between two different big-ticket items instead of blowing your budget on a game table that sits on a cold concrete floor.

Don’t forget to take infrastructure into account. For example, your game room needs to have great lighting. Every game table needs bright task lighting overhead. That may require rewiring the entire space. You may need to hire a plumber to install a wet bar. If you’re going to be entertaining in the game room, you might want to install easy-to-clean flooring.

Consider how people will use the space. For example, if you’re going to be watching movies or sports in the game room, do you want to put a TV over the bar so that people sitting there don’t have to turn around to watch what is going on? If you want to hold large gatherings in the game room, how will you provide enough seating? Another row of couches may mean you don’t have space for a second game table. Plan where you’ll put scoreboards so that it is in easy reach of those playing a game.

Create a Fun, Versatile Space

You do want a fair bit of open space in the game room, as then your kids will have lots of space to set up a movie viewing, play video games or play Twister. You should take the various interests of your family into account when planning the game room. You might have one corner that can serve as a place for band sessions or music lessons, while there is a multimedia entertainment center in another.

Don’t forget the actual games for your game room, whether it is a pool table, chessboard or a dartboard. You could also consider adding a foosball table or other family-friendly game table so that everyone can enjoy the game room that currently houses a pool table. Then everyone can play, even if they aren’t playing the same game. 

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Furniture and Soundproofing

You could buy gaming chairs that are ergonomic and kid-friendly if you expect your kids to play video games in there for hours. Choose recliners and other comfortable seats if they will be used by movie and sports fans. If the space will be multi-purpose, throw in a few pieces that can double as seating like stools and ottomans. These solutions are much classier than folding chairs. You can also choose seats that can serve as storage so that you have a place to stow games and toys.

Determine what you’re going to do about soundproofing. Noise levels tend to be high in game rooms, whether you’re playing a movie or playing hockey. You may want to install sound-proof doors, put in floor coverings that dampen sound or find some other solution.

Game rooms are a great way to bring friends and family together. Follow our advice to create a game room you’ll enjoy for years to come.