Holiday Shopping Guide for Families

Holiday shopping can be a source of joy and can also lead to frustration. In addition to financial budgets, you may find yourself scrambling to access popular gifts or struggle to think of something original you can give family members.

Fortunately, with a little preparation, you can find ideal presents for every family member on your list. While some may enjoy conventional gifts, there are some unconventional options you can consider to complete your holiday shopping this year.

Family Presents

Although it’s common to think about purchasing individual presents for each person on your list, family presents are great options. Gifts for your family can be expensive and impressive, or they can be smaller items everyone can enjoy.


If you’re looking for a way to make a splash this holiday season, Google “new pool builders in Bradenton FL” to find expert pool builders who can transform your backyard into a recreational venue for the whole family. Custom pool builders can review your space and design a new pool that’s perfect for your yard. You can also opt to have a waterfall feature added to your pool or expand your backyard renovations to include a fire pit and outdoor kitchen. Your family will get hours of exercise and enjoyment from their pool, which makes this more than just a family present. A new pool is an investment in your family’s health and quality time together.

Games are another great family gift option. You can enjoy the game and the time you spend with your family members while playing together. Great games for younger children include Apples to Apples, Scrabble, Jenga, Blokus, and Candyland are all fun family games. When your kids get older, you may want to shift to longer strategy games, such as Monopoly and Risk. You could also opt to invest in a pool table and foosball table.

A vacation can be another excellent family gift option. Instead of buying material possessions, spend your holiday making memories with a trip to Disney World or another desirable location. Whether you decide to head to Paris or Great Wolf Lodge, your family will cherish the time you can spend together, and you can give your kids a budget and let them choose from location-based merchandise so they can come home with a souvenir from your vacation.

Presents for Teenagers

Many teenagers love video games, and if you’re shopping for a teenager this year, you have plenty of options to choose from. Both the Playstation 5 and the new Xbox Series X were released in November 2020. Some gamers prefer specific systems, so it’s a good idea to consider which gaming console they’re familiar with.

Teens use many electronic devices, and a charging hub for smartphones, smartwatches, and other electronic devices can be a great gift option. Your teen will appreciate being able to set their phone down on the charging hub without fiddling with charging cables.


Phone sterilizers are another great gift option. Place your phone inside the sterilizer and run it. The sterilizer kills bacteria and eliminates germs from the surface of your phone.

It isn’t always possible to get to the salon for a manicure, but your teenager may appreciate having the resources they need to do their nails at home. With peel and stick nail polish, your teen can have professional nails that look stylish. The peel and stick gels aren’t toxic, and they’re cruelty-free, which will appeal to ethical shoppers who don’t want to invest in makeup tested on animals. Peel and stick nails can last up to 14 days, and you don’t have to adjust your activities to preserve them. It’s safe to wear them in the shower or when you’re exercising.

Teenagers can go through a lot of clothes because they’re still growing. Christmas is an ideal time to stock up on essentials and unique apparel. If your teen has shows or movies they like, they may appreciate custom T-shirts featuring favorite characters or expressions associated with the show. If your teen doesn’t need new clothes, you can also consider getting them merchandise featuring characters from their favorite shows, such as a Baby Yoda bobblehead.

Presents for Your Spouse

If your spouse loves jewelry, take advantage of Kay Jewelers holiday discount code to purchase them some special jewelry, like a new pair of earrings or a bracelet, necklace, or watch. Jewelry is a great personal gift option your spouse can enjoy for years to come. They’ll always think of you when they put on that special bracelet or necklace that you got them for the holiday.


Drones are popular gift options, and while your teenager may enjoy a drone, your spouse may also find this to be an ideal present. Drones that have cameras can be used to take panoramic photographs or videos. If your spouse loves watching your kids’ sporting events, they can use the drone to film the game from the air, which means they won’t miss out on shots because they can’t get a good angle.

Wireless, noise-canceling headphones can also be a fantastic gift option. If your spouse works from home or if you have a small house that can get noisy, noise-canceling headphones can help prevent distractions and ensure your spouse can focus. A Kindle Paperwhite is a fantastic choice for avid readers. The Paperwhite is designed to prevent eye strain and can store thousands of books. Its rechargeable battery also lasts for several weeks, so you don’t have to worry about charging it regularly.

Gifts for Grandparents


Shopping for grandparents can be challenging because grandparents typically have the essential items that they need. You can simplify the shopping process by focusing on personal presents.

One option is to purchase an electronic photo frame. Electronic photo frames come in a range of shapes and sizes, and they have different features. Some allow you to upload multiple photos, and the device rotates the image on display. This is a great way to give grandparents multiple images without taking up too much shelf space in their home.

You can also use photographs for a personal present by having your kids make a scrapbook calendar featuring favorite family photos from the past year. Their grandparents will enjoy the collection of photos and make use of the calendar. Several other photo presents you can choose from include photo blankets, photo boxes, and customized mugs.

Shopping for Extended Family


Some families opt to purchase presents for extended family members. If your family does this, your gift options could vary based on the budget and the person you’re shopping for. Consider their needs and interests. If you’re shopping for a sibling who lives alone, you may want to indulge them with an activity. Take them to the theater or buy them tickets to a concert you know they’ll enjoy. On the other hand, if your sibling has young kids and could use a break, they may appreciate a day trip to a spa.

Extended family members may also enjoy personal gifts, such as framed photos or a scrapbook. Collect photos from your childhood and create an album for your sibling. You can also scan and store photos electronically and give your sibling an electronic photo storage device filled with images. Make use of promo codes to save on the perfect gift for a member of your extended family you’re not very close with.

Coworker Presents


Shopping for coworkers can be challenging, but if your office opts to do a gift exchange, you may need to purchase a present for someone you don’t know well. Holiday gift baskets are a great option. They typically include an assortment of beverages or snacks, such as coffee, tea, and cookies. Make sure to check the price range that your office has designated for the gift exchange.

Gift certificates are also wonderful options for people you don’t know well. Your colleague can use gift certificates to local restaurants or recreational venues, such as movie theaters or arcades, to enjoy an affordable evening out.

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