Five Things to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

Las Vegas has long been a favorite destination of gamblers. But, with so many safe online casinos to play at these days, it’s easier than ever to play your favorite casino games without having to make the trip.

Sin City remains a great place for gambling, of course. And there are lots of other good reasons to visit, even if you’re not a big fan of casinos.

Here are five things to do in Las Vegas that don’t involve gambling.

Visit the Museums

There are plenty of exciting museums in Las Vegas and some of them are a must-see. A good example is the Mob Museum that is dedicated to the dark story of the city. You probably know that the genesis of Las Vegas has tight connections to the mafia.

If you decide to visit this museum, you will learn some of the most entertaining stories from Sin City’s past.

Some of the other museums that could bring a lot of fun are the Neon Museum, the Liberace Museum, Nostalgia Street Roads, and the Burlesque Hall of Fame. There are many more, so if that’s your thing, you should make time to visit one or more of these.

Visit the Grand Canyon

If you love nature, you should most certainly visit the Grand Canyon. There are countless tours that start from Las Vegas. You can book one online or simply ask your hotel for more information. You can easily find an option.

However, the trips to the Grand Canyon usually take a day to get there, enjoy the place and return to Vegas, so plan carefully.

An added bonus is that many of the guides will share cool facts and stories about the iconic Route 66 that goes nearby. It has a well-deserved place in the American culture and you will understand why.

Visit One of the Famous Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas is the home of some of the greatest shows on the planet. You can go to a concert to see one of the many famous musicians, enjoy a theater show or visit the magic Cirque du Soleil. 

There are plenty of breathtaking events, but many of them require some planning. There’s a risk of not finding tickets if you wait until the last minute. Try to prepare beforehand and check the schedule, as soon as you know when you are going to Las Vegas.

Enjoy the Vegas Restaurants

We all love food and Las Vegas can offer some of the most delicious cuisine in the whole world. The best news is that you can taste meals from all over the globe, so there’s something for everyone.

You should know that the top restaurants in Sin City can be expensive, but there are many places that combine excellent food with reasonable prices. 

Explore Fremont Street

If you are looking for free entertainment while you are in Las Vegas, the legendary Fremont Street is your best bet. It’s closed for vehicles and designed for long walks. 

The street never sleeps and you can enjoy all kinds of artists. It’s a glamorous experience that allows you to get to enjoy the spirit of Las Vegas first hand.

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