Female Ejaculation: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

Female Ejaculation: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

The myth behind female ejaculation or squirting is more than just a made-up scene in porn movies. According to Caitlin V Neal, a sex therapist for men, making a woman squirt is not a secret and can be achieved. Caitlin is an expert in her field and has written many articles around the subject of g-spot stimulation. The best advice is to practice, practice, practice, since what may work for one woman may not work for another. Below you will have all the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding ejaculate and the low down on how to make a girl squirt.


First of all, when a woman squirts, it does not come from the bladder and it is not urine. The fluid from a squirting orgasm comes from the female prostate or Skene’s gland. The eviction of fluid can come from the urethra during arousal and orgasm. Skene’s glands sit near the front inside the wall of the vagina, and they are very close to the g spot.

When it comes to female ejaculation, there are two different types:

· Squirting fluid: Usually odorless and colorless but can produce large quantities.

· Ejaculate fluid: It is thick and often looks milky, almost like semen.

Can Squirting Even Happen?

In a nutshell, yes! Each woman has the appropriate parts to make the sensation a realization. For years, scientists have studied a lot of women first believing that if they released fluid, they had a continence problem. In 2014, a study revealed that fluid gathers up in the bladder during arousal and exits through the urethra during ejaculation. It may not sound all that sexy, but scientists used ultrasounds to conclude that the women’s bladders were empty. While the experience may not be all that common, it is totally normal. Many women do not discuss the phenomena often. The experience of squirting can vary from woman to woman and can include feelings, triggers, and the amount ejaculated.


It Feels Good, Let Me Try!

Any orgasm for a woman usually feels amazing. So, why not give squirting a try? Many women who have experienced female ejaculation said that stimulating their g-spot was what got them hot and bothered. Try to have your partner rub the clit and g spot with their fingers and use a come-hither finger motion when they are inside your vagina. There are also some amazing sex toys that are specially angled if you are playing alone. Make sure to lube up your partner’s fingers or toy for extra comfort. If clitoral stimulation helps get you off, do not be surprised you laugh or even cry. The overwhelming feeling can leave a woman feeling shaken and like they have let go of something. It is a very normal physical reaction to something that feels very good.

Don’t ever feel pressured to have your body perform a certain way. Even though more and more adult film stars may be able to manipulate their bodies into performing ejaculation does not mean you will be able to. Reaching climax is a feat in itself during intercourse, and there should never be a lot of pressure to maintain a certain status quo. There is nothing wrong with squirting, and there is also nothing wrong not squirting. Have an open mind with no obligation. Most importantly, do not worry. There is no perfect outline for how to achieve such a moment but if you and your partner work at it the sensation, it is bound to happen. It is important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner since sex is a very personal activity.

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