Feeling Tired All The Time? Try These Tips

From kids to adults, everyone these days has a very tight schedule. We all fall tired in the middle of the day, ready to give up, hoping for something to come so we can finally go home and lay in our cozy beds. But it’s not that easy now. We need to attend school and work to live and move forward as nothing comes for free. Effort makes the man. Don’t lose hope as there are ways to get through the day feeling energized and fresh. We will tell you our secrets on carrying on your day with elevated levels of energy till the end. 

We will be discussing unique methods picked from various categories.

Get That Quality Sleep.

Sleep is essential. Consider it the first step towards your increased levels of energy. Go to bed on time, but everything else aside, and make sleep your priority. You should at least get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, or else you might end up feeling exhausted when you wake up. Also, remember that the quality of sleep matters more than the quantity. So switch that phone off, put your laptop aside, and go to bed. It is highly recommended to sleep in a dark, chilly room. Especially for women who are going through menopause, as their body temperatures are higher than usual

Furthermore, avoid having heavy meals before bed and refrain from drinking too much water, resulting in exhaustion and bloating. Also, the lack of sleep can give you dark circles. As much as it’s good for your energy level, you need sleep for good skin and a well-functioning system. Plus, this will get rid of all the pondering on “how to not be tired in the morning”. 

Cut Back On Sugar

Have you asked yourself what to do when you feel tired? Try reducing sugars. Eating foods that contain copious amounts of sugar and simple carbs. These cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up and give you a momentarily boost of energy. However, the pancreas starts to produce excess insulin to metabolize the sugars present, instantly dropping your blood glucose levels. This creates a scenario of having high energy levels, followed by a sudden decline. Hence, making you crave sugar again and creating a destructive pattern of rising and falling in energy levels. The drop can cause an individual to experience fatigue, irritability, and tiredness. 

Remove direct sugars from your regular diet, instead opt for dense carbohydrates and restrict yourself from indulging in carbohydrates in the afternoon. 

Practise Meditation 

Guilt, unresolved anger issues, work pressures, relationship troubles, and social media addiction combine and cause stress to build up. This forces the body to activate the adrenal glands and release excessive cortisol, or better known as the stress hormone. This makes the body enter a ‘flight or fight’ mode, causing mental, emotional, and even physical stress. Thus, making us exhausted. 

Practicing meditation can be very beneficial as it helps you control your stress. It assists you in regulating your breathing rhythm and calming down your nerves. A 30-minute session is the equivalent of eight hours of sleep. 

Energy-Boosting Supplements

You must have, at some point, due to desperation, grabbed an energy drink. But did you know that energy drinks consist of a high amount of caffeine that can result in exhaustion? We bet not!

Do not worry as there are natural alternatives for energy drinks. Various natural herbs can boost your energy levels instantly—ever heard of kratom? If not, then you should probably start searching the web. The white strain of kratom, specifically White Sumatra Kratom, is the best for alleviating your energy levels. However, if you can’t get your hands on the white Sumatra, go for the Yellow Sumatra Kratom.

Avoid caffeine, try energy boosters instead

Reducing your caffeine intake will provide you with more energy in the long run. Yes, caffeine does give you an initial boost. However, after that boost ends, you may feel exhausted. Want to know what to do when you feel tired all the time? Try starting your morning with a healthy energy-boosting green smoothie. Experiment and create your blends and recipes. The micro-nutrients present in the greens freshen your energy levels. It also brings the acid-alkali balance of your body back to neutral.

Do you want to know how to stop feeling tired all the time? Incorporate lots of greens in your diet. It is recommended that you incorporate greens into your diet—especially fiber-rich foods. Fiber-rich foods increase your metabolism levels, which leads to elevated levels of energy. 

Our brain cells rely on glucose for energy; thus, try having carbohydrates in your breakfast like whole-grain foods, cereal, bread, etc. 

Most importantly, DON’T SKIP MEALS. Our body’s sugar levels drop if we skip meals, thus keep on munching on something healthy all the time, like apples, etc. Also, having a banana before going carrying on a task can do wonders for your energy levels. If you haven’t tried it yet, then do it now. Have a banana 30 minutes before you go to the gym and see for yourself. 

Also, increase your water intake. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, if not more. But make sure you don’t drink less than that. Keep yourself hydrated as dehydration can cause dizziness and low energy levels. 

Most importantly, avoid the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol can lead to dehydration, and it can lead to liver damage. Also, since it has sedative properties, it can make you feel sleepy.