Couple Poses You Must Add To Your Photo-Checklist!

Your wedding album is really special for you, it holds all the beautiful memories of your big day. You just cannot make it full of monotonous poses and looks, it surely needs to be a mix of perfection. Right from experimenting with the poses to new ideas to amp up your album. You do not want to miss out on making it super special and full of fun & love! 

To make sure your album is upto your expectations, you clearly need some awesome ideas. A professional candid photographer will surely help you make some traditional poses and also will add your own spice and magic. So go ahead you lovely couples, ask your wedding photographer to click and shoot you in some classic and fun poses! Here is a list of some great ideas for you all: 

  • Go Bollywood Way! 

Who says you just can sit next to each other when you can go all the way Bollywood style and turn your common love for B-wood in your wedding album. Or if your love story has been filmy enough so turn around girls and make it happen! 

Image Via: Pinterest

  • Love Behind the Umbrella 

This very famous pose behind the umbrella is old school and you can clearly add in your album! 

Image Via: Dilliwale Weddings

  • Be the Star of Your Own Story 

Who says that only men can only lift when you can clearly lift and bench more! *wink wink! So show how powerful you are and pose like this. 

Image Via: Aabha Chaubal Photography

  • Find a Quirky Road

If you are that couple who loves to add quirk to everything then why not to your wedding album? Go for some quirky ways and just add it in your poses as well! 

Image Via: Recall Pictures

  • BYOB Pose

Did you guys meet at a BYOB party or fell in love over a beer then why not keep it intact for your life forever with a beer pose in your album. 

Image Via: Instagram

  • Mushy-Gushy Pose

If you are that lovey-dovey couple and can’t help but fall in love with each other every day, then how about a kiss on the forehead or the cheek? 

Image Via: Pinterest

  • Candid Moments

Last but not the least, you cannot miss out on candid moments. It is super special and full of natural love and moment. Seize that moment for life and cherish it forever! 

Image Via: House On The Clouds