Common Myths and Superstitions in the Casino

Photo by UrineDrugTest

From blackjack and poker to slots and keno, every game in the casino is a test of luck. So, it probably comes as no surprise that gamblers rank amongst some of the most superstitious people in the world. Ask any casino regular and they’ll probably admit they have something they believe keeps Lady Luck on side, whether it’s a charm or a special ritual.

In Las Vegas, for instance, many casino goers refuse to touch $50 bills. Rumour has it that these bank notes – also known as ‘frogs’ – bring bad luck at the tables. This superstition is so common, you’ll almost never be handed a $50 bill when you cash in your chips on the Sin City Strip.

Over in China, it’s commonly believed that wearing red – the national colour of wealth and happiness – brings good luck when you bet. Some take it one step further and argue that only red clothing that has been received as a gift, rather than bought, is lucky.Want to find out more about these and more casino myths and superstitions? Check out the below infographic, put together with the help of bgo Casino.

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