Best Ideas For An Intimate Wedding

If you’re after a small, more intimate wedding to save significantly or you simply want to avoid the cliche of the ordinary big white wedding, there are tons of ways that you can pull off an intimate wedding setting without going overboard. You will still want your day to be as special as possible, therefore, if you are opting for a smaller event to avoid breaking the bank, you probably don’t want your intentions to be notable in the slightest. However, regardless of your reasoning, the following top-rated ideas are both enchantingly intimate and cost-efficient at the same time.

Non-Traditional Venues

Creating your wedding registry and including suggested retailers for your guests to purchase your gifts from, such as Groomsshop, is far less overwhelming than selecting the actual venue where you and your loved one will be tying the knot. While most would assume the only place you should get married is within a large fancy church setting, this idea is simply not plausible for countless couples. You will be able to save a small fortune by opting for a non-traditional wedding venue, such as the park. Because you won’t have to worry about fitting a ton of guests under a roof, your options will increase dramatically and you may even be able to opt for alternative settings such as your favourite coffee shop, depending on how limited your guest list is. The more sentimental your venue, the more special your day will be. 

Destination Weddings

Its truly no secret that weddings can be astronomically costly and if you are hoping to keep your costs low without diminishing the beauty of the day, you could consider a destination wedding. Destination weddings have become increasingly popular for those who are after a sentimental intimate wedding as you will be able to tie the knot on the beachfront, or even in an overgrown forest getaway. Usually, couples who only intend on inviting close family members and a handful of friends are able to make destination weddings an affordable option. What’s more, you and your partner will be able to extend your stay at your choice of destination for your honeymoon, thus, cutting your travel budget significantly.

Backyard Weddings

Backyard weddings have been a suitable solution for couples hoping to keep costs low and moments as beautiful as possible. Getting married in your parent’s backyard, or even your own means you won’t have to pay for a costly venue and only worry about all the details. Therefore, you will be able to spend where it matters and create a wedding scene that is most comparable with your dream wedding by choosing breathtaking decor and caterers. Saving on a venue means you will be able to adjust your wedding budget and opt for many DIY solutions, such as wedding invitations and others. Backyard weddings don’t have to be casual either as your decor and your suggested dress code will ensure your day is exactly as you want it to be.