7 Ways to Smoke Weed: What Does Your Reveal About Your Style?

The methods of how people consume marijuana seem almost endless. Many people prefer the traditional method of smoking, but even this offers numerous options. Here are seven examples of how to smoke weed and what each may reveal about the individual who prefers it.

#1. The Traditional Joint

The traditional joint transports easily and is versatile. People can roll joints large enough for a crowd or just enough for themselves. Pre-rolled options like those found by going to purerelief.com make it even easier to have a convenient and portable treat. The person that prefers a joint is often the classic weed aficionado that began decades ago or a novice smoker with an appreciation of the history of the culture.    

#2. The Blunt Cigar

The blunt is also for people that enjoy a smoke but want a little flavor too. Blunts use cigar papers and usually include a mix of tobacco with the weed. The result is an aromatic and portable cigar that includes a little kick. Blunt smokers are often traditionalists that want a slightly longer experience than possible with a joint. Cigar wrappers are larger than rolling papers and burn slowly so people can savor their smoke a little longer.

#3. The Basic Vaporizer

Vaping became popular when public cigarette bans began and people that wanted more than weed quickly realized their value too. A small vape machine hides easily in a pocket for instant access, and it is cleaner than other options because it only heats the product rather than burn it. People who vape tend to be the daring types that like to sneak in a hit regardless of where they are.

#4. The Glass Pipe

Pipes create little waste or mess and are great for those who enjoy traditional smoke but do not want to worry about having papers on hand. Pipe users are often conservative smokers. Many people that use glass pipes also enjoy the artistry of the designs and maintain collections of the best works they find.

#5. The Basic Bong

Bongs use water to make the smoke smoother than it would be if simply going through a pipe. Many people consider bongs fun to use. The typical user is one that does not like to smoke alone but would rather have a couple of friends join them.

#6. The Party Hookah

Hookah smoking is normally a group event since it is possible to have multiple nozzles attached. Everyone smokes at the same time, so there is no need to hurry a puff to pass it along. Hookah users are social animals that enjoy the calmness of moderate use and want to share an experience.

#7. The Dab Rigs

A dab rig is not for the lighthearted. People with a desire to have the strongest possible experience choose this method. Dab rigs have some risk attached to them because they include the use of a torch.  Smokers that opt for dab rigs are typically those that enjoy living life on the edge. The users do not care as much about the social side as they do about the final effect. Dab rigs are not for the casual smoker and usually more potent than a novice smoker can handle.

Listed here are only a few of the options. Smokers have used soda cans, apples, and gas masks among many other creative ideas. Some people instantly know what they want and others need to experiment with several to discover what works best for them.

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