6 Unconventional Holiday Gifts for Your Dad

Technically it isn’t even Halloween yet, but, believe it or not, a lot of stores already have Christmas décor out. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s unfortunately time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. What does one buy for the man who has it all? It can be really difficult to shop for gifts for your dad because he has probably already bought everything that he thinks he needs. It’s time to start thinking outside the box. Has he bought clothes for himself lately? Are there projects around the house that he swears he’s going to do eventually, he just hasn’t had time to get to it? Does he practice self-care? It’s your dad, so you certainly want to get him something special. Here are six unconventional gifts to give your old man this holiday season.

1. A nifty t-shirt.


Don’t get your dad a wallet again this year. Just don’t. Think of something that might make him laugh, or maybe something that will give him a warm, fuzzy feeling when he sees what you’ve gotten him. Novelty t-shirts are always a classic, but if you’re going to get your dad apparel or accessories then you should at least source them from a company that provides quality products. Monterey shirts from Monterey, California are a great option, especially if you and your old man share fond memories of visiting California, possibly even the monterey county fairgrounds. The soft wash of these shirts and sweaters are a must-have with the added benefit of giving back with every purchase. Your dad with definitely love a gift that keeps on giving.

2. Get those gutters cleaned.

One of the best gifts is one where you feel like you’re giving back. Gutter cleaning is an absolute pain-in-the-butt job that no one would ever wish on their worst enemy, let alone their parents. Consider hiring someone to remove all the grime, algae, and debris from your dad’s gutter so he doesn’t have to. And while they’re at it, have them pressure wash the sides of the house and get the vinyl siding shining like new.

3. Get him some new gutter guards.


While you’re thinking about fixing your dad up with some really clean gutters, you might as well finish off the job with some new guards and even a new decorative downspout for an extra special touch. Those gutter guards will keep the gutters clear so that he doesn’t have to deal with cleaning them out as frequently in the future.

4. Clean up the driveway.

Driveways can be another one of those maintenance chores that nobody wants to do — concrete cleaning is a nightmare. Luckily there are people you can hire for that too. If you’re in the NC area check out pressure washing Charlotte for the perfect residential power washing services provider. Instead of spending a ton of money on a pressure washer you know will sit in your dad’s garage, hire a pro with great experience to pressure wash your dad’s concrete driveway so he doesn’t have to worry about it this holiday season.

5. Bring back his curb appeal.

Why stop with the driveway? Have the professionals pressure wash his porch, walkway, patio, and sidewalk. Your dad’s place will be as shiny and new as a commercial property by giving the family home a facelift. If you’re feeling especially generous, deck pressure washing is also an option. If he’s a homeowner with a deck then he would definitely appreciate deck maintenance as a gift.

6. Wash his windows.

You can’t stop now. Get his windows washed too! Give your dad exactly what he wants, which is definitely not material possessions. Acts of service will be far more appreciated by a man who loves his house, and the outsides of windows are by far one of the worst chores. There is caked-on mold and mildew on the exterior that only a pressure washer with years of experience can manage to tackle. Have your pressure washing company take care of the windows. If you choose to do clean a few exterior items for your dad, you’ll probably get a great price in addition to an awesome job.