6 of the Best Fishing Spots in the World

While everyone has their favorite fishing spots close to home, sometimes you need to go on an adventure. No matter where you live, you’re only a plane flight away from some of the most incredible fishing locales the world has to offer. Your local stream or pond might be great, but there’s simply no replacement for being able to travel and see the local flora and fauna all over the world. Whether you want to travel somewhere tropical or head north, you’ll be able to find a destination on our list of six of the best fishing spots in the world.

1. The Bahamas


If you’re looking for “big game” fish like marlin or tuna, The Bahamas might be the destination for you. The Abacos Islands are particularly favored by those looking to catch fish of significant size and weight. They also host a series of tournaments in the summer, making it the perfect getaway for the avid fisherman.

2. Vancouver, Canada


Some say British Columbia is the best place for salmon fishing in the world, but you can find great spots for other fish like trout and halibut as well here. There are opportunities for deep-sea fishing, as well as plenty of rivers and ponds to enjoy. The Fraser River, Campbell River, and Haida Gwaii are just some of the places to visit in Vancouver. You can easily make a vacation of sportfishing in Vancouver and take advantage of it’s diverse and plentiful wildlife.

3. Melville Island, Australia


This remote island is as beautiful as it is full of exciting wildlife. It has red cliffs and a long shoreline with sandy beaches, and the island itself has a vast system of creeks and rivers to explore. The rivers contain fish like tarpon, saratoga, and barramundi, while offshore you’ll find queenfish, spanish mackerel, and coral trout.

4. The Azores, Portugal


The Azores archipelago off the coast of Portugal has made many fishermen famous. Over 22 World Records have been set in this location. There’s plenty of classic game fish, in addition to mako sharks and, rarely, a whale sighting or two. The scenery is gorgeous and volcanic and the water is full of great catches of all sizes. There’s no reason not to have The Azores on your fishing bucket list.

5. Amazon River, Brazil


The Amazon is worth seeing from a tourist’s perspective no matter what, but it’s unmissable for any angler who fancies themselves a traveler. You can find rare fish like the arapaima, which is the second-largest freshwater fish in the world. The richness of the Amazon river and the diverse species of the fish present make it a favorite for fishermen worldwide.

6. Breede River, South Africa

Africa has long been known for its cornucopia of natural resources and amazing wildlife. Breede River is located in the Western Cape Province. Since there aren’t creatures like hippos and crocodiles to worry about, Breede River is a relaxing, tranquil spot to fish. You’ll find catches like spotted grunter, leerfish, and kob. If you catch a Giant Kob, just know you will have to throw it back as their numbers are rapidly declining.

No matter how near or far you’re willing to travel, there are fishing adventures to be had all over our beautiful planet. You can head down to the Bahamas to catch big game in the tropical sun or do some salmon fishing in the beautiful north in British Columbia. Whether you visit the famous Amazon in Brazil or try to fish in the Breede River in South Africa, every fisherman deserves a chance to see what the world has to offer. If you’re jonesing for an escape, don’t hesitate to check out some of these spots for your next fishing trip.

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