6 Common Paintball Gun Problems and How to Fix Them

When your paintball marker starts to malfunction, it can interrupt any current or future matches you have set. Common problems don’t always require professional maintenance, and can easily be resolved by the user. If you’re willing to do a little research, a minor paintball marker issue can be resolved in no time. 

1. Don’t Go Crazy with Modifications

Modifying a paintball gun is common, but happens in stages. How much you modify has lasting consequences, including voiding the warranty. Modifications that change the core of how the product works are one of the best things about owning a paintball gun. A good modification will improve handling, fire rate, and sometimes lower the weight of the product. It requires disassembling the paintball gun and putting it back together without missing any beats. If a mod goes wrong, check the manual for common troubleshooting tips. You’ll be surprised at how small tips from the manufacturer can prevent you from wasting hours reassembling the product. 

2. Too Much Oil

Oiling the O-ring before a day of use protects both you and the paintball gun. Using too much oil will cause problems, and using the wrong type of oil will be a disaster. Even if you have experience using paintball guns, it is always a good idea to reference the manual. You never know when a new model will require different oil than what you’re used to. 

3. A Dirty Marker Is A Useless One

Paintball guns are at risk of a major breakage when they’re not cleaned properly. If you don’t have the time to keep it clean, then keep a spare paintball marker to use when your main one is dirty. It may seem like an expensive hassle, but this will prevent you from being out of commission during an intense match. 

4. Storage Issues

Like any gun, safe storage and an adequate case is required. Both of these things prevent natural degradation from weather, misuse, and tampering. When you leave a paintball marker out in the open, anyone can get their hands on it. Unauthorized users can drop, jam, or fully break your best paintball marker. You don’t need a specialized case for full protection, and can often find cheaper alternatives in the right size. 

5. Problematic Parts

Sometimes the best care in the world won’t prevent the failure of certain parts. Common failings on paintball guns are batteries, Co2 bottles, and the O-rings. Take great care when choosing the manufacturer of your paintball gun since longevity is its greatest asset. Choosing a bad model/brand will only cause you future frustration.  

6. Paint Balls Rolling from Barrel

When paintballs roll from the barrel, you enter a ‘jammed’ state. This is one of the most common problems, but one that comes with a simple fix. Check that the correct ball size is being used for your particular product. If that fails, check that the ball indent on the paintball marker isn’t worn. When it becomes worn, ball jamming is the unfortunate effect. 

Wrap Up

There is nothing more frustrating than a paintball marker that is slightly off. Take care of your paintball gun, or you risk damaging it beyond repair. Keep it maintained, cleaned, and ready to go at all times.