5 Tips for Keeping the Exterior of Your Home Looking Good as New

The exterior of your home is the first impression you and your family give. It shows off how cared-for your house is and your design tastes. A clean exterior can also increase property values if it makes a home look bigger and nicer. Don’t let your exterior start to age. Instead, follow these five tips to keep it looking in top shape.

1. Invest in a pool.

Many people consider the exterior of the house to be just the front yard, but it also includes your back and side yards. You can add different features and accessories to make your exterior more appealing and increase your property values.

One new feature you may want to consider is an in-ground pool. You can either install a shallow wading pool that is ideal for kids and smaller backyards or a larger pool where you can swim laps. This feature is particularly popular in warm regions where the pool can get used throughout most of the year. Make sure you also add a fence or a pool safety net to stay compliant with local codes and to keep your family safe.

2. Periodically repave your driveway.

Evaluate the quality of your driveway to see whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Does it have several cracks and holes that make driving difficult? Is the driveway stained from oils and other car chemicals? Updating your driveway is an easy way to make your whole home look newer. Plus, when you replace the old driveway, look into upgrading to a concrete coating that will protect it longer.

3. Replace your roof for added durability.

The average roof should last about 20 years, but this varies depending on the materials and the environment. If you live in an area that is prone to storms, high winds and hail can damage shingles. Moisture can also weaken a roof. Check your records to find the last time you replaced your roof and consider getting it inspected to make sure it is in good shape. A team like BLDG Collective, architects in Boulder CO, should be able to do this or recommend someone who can.

4. Evaluate your plants and trees.

Flowers, shrubs, and trees can immensely improve curb appeal. They can hide undesirable parts of the house and create a natural, welcoming atmosphere for guests. However, these plants can easily overgrow and make your home look messy or worn-down.

Each spring, prune your bushes and see if your trees need pruning as well. Not only will this make your home more visible, but it will also improve the health of your yard plants. Additionally, consider working with an arborist to make sure none of your trees are overgrown. These can become threats to your house if a major storm rolls through.

You should be able to find guides to native flora to choose plants that look nice throughout the year.

5. Keep your doors and windows clean.

Improving the exterior of your house is as simple as grabbing a bucket of soap and a squeegee. Clean windows can reflect your flowers and trees while making your home look more appealing. While your house might seem in good condition, your windows might have dirt and pollen buildup that is hard to see through.

Additionally, doors can get dirty, especially if they are used frequently. Make sure you wash them down at least monthly to catch any dirt that might get caught when your family is on the go.

With a few small steps, you should be able to make major improvements to your home, whether you want to freshen up the exterior ahead of the holiday season or make significant changes to help your resale value.