5 Signs That Show You’ve Made It

Deep down, we all have goals and ambitions, regardless of whether or not we take action to meet them. These dreams and desires are unique, and whilst there might be some overlap, two people won’t have the same plans or hopes for their lives. Still, there’s a general image of success in the United States, or around the world, that screams “I’ve made it!” to anyone who looks your way. If you’re “faking it until you making it” or just want to show off the success that you know you’ve reached, there’s so much more than a Jaguar or a Ferrari or even a fancy beach house, that can depict your accomplishments.

Giving Back


It’s easy to channel your successes into improving your own life, but it’s what you do to help others that really shows your status. After all, there’s a reason you hear of wealthy, accomplished people attending regular charity events. Renowned lawyer and mineral enthusiast Howard Fensterman is a great example of this, with his contributions to causes like the Chabad of Port Washington. Whether you’re bidding in a silent auction, or setting up a recurring donation to an organization close to your heart (or even starting a charitable institute of your own,) by giving back to your community or society on a larger scale, you not only help others, but you also demonstrate that you’re willing and able to do so.

A Signature Statement Piece


Jewelry and accessories, in particular, give you ample opportunity to show your personality while subtlety showing off your success. A sapphire ring (or one with your favorite gemstone,) a Hublot watch, or a limited edition handbag can elevate even the simplest outfit to one that instantly declares you’ve made it. After all, celebrities like Beyonce and Usain Bolt have sported the Nyon-based Hublot timepiece so why shouldn’t you? Investing in a quality timepiece can even give you something to pass on to future generations, which is another sign of massive success.

Living Securely


Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, so having the cash and liquid assets to face unexpected costs is an unquestionable sign of having made it. In the United States especially, the security to handle a medical emergency stands out in particular. In a time where many citizens must resort to a GoFundMe or other crowd-sourced fundraiser to pay for treatment, the ability to cover the unimaginable (or even contribute to others’ costs) shows you’re financially secure and successful.

Traveling Regularly


From annual family trips to Disney World and journeys across North America, to European business trips and Caribbean cruises, the most successful people tend to take in as much of the world as they can. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about other people and cultures, rounding out your own traits in the process. Those lessons can even help you to reach more of your goals when you return. Jetsetting across the globe makes for great Instagram posts and an even greater quality of life.

A Diversified Portfolio


To an unfamiliar audience, having a crack at investing can seem intimidating. Building an extensive, diverse portfolio demonstrates that you have the know-how to manage it (or can afford to hire someone who does). If you’re new to investing and looking to succeed in no time, a little help will make all the difference. Companies like wealthrocket.com can help you build your portfolio and take a closer look at building wealth, to which your future self will thank you for the dividends, whether you reinvest your earnings or supplement your regular income.

Of course, none of these signs imply you have to stop achieving. If you’re investing a chunk of your income, attending the World Cup, and putting on a luxury timepiece each morning, there’ll be little doubt that you’ve made it. Channel that feeling of success into your ongoing ambitions and continue to thrive in all areas of your life.

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