5 Most Common Fears of Newly-Licensed Drivers: Are You Sure You Know the Facts?

New drivers waste a lot of time worrying about how to use a car. In some ways fear is a necessity that grooms new drivers into great drivers. The most common on the road fears are listed below, and they each come with their own quirks.  

5. Vehicle Familiarity

Passing the test with your own vehicle always provides confidence points. A lot of drivers practice for months in their own vehicle before taking the plunge to get a license. But outside of the normal functions, what do you actually know about the hardware? Being able to drive is not the same as changing the oil or finding the right gas. Calling a fuel rescue service will cover a few of the most common vehicle familiarity problems. But for most drivers, the best teacher will be time on the road.  

4. Getting Lost

With the implementation of GPS into smartphones, paper maps have become harder to find. But what happens when you forget the car charger and your phone dies? Most people will default to an external GPS if it is available. What happens when it isn’t functioning right? When everything goes wrong, the paper map is still there to save the day. New drivers don’t just fear getting lost, they are outright frightened. Without a portable or internal device to give directions, some drivers can’t even navigate home. Always keep a paper map in the car to backup the electric devices that may not work properly.  

3. Safety

Car safety goes beyond what is normally taught in driving school. A car with a high safety rating means nothing if the driver isn’t prepared. All vehicles should have a safety kit by default, or have one that is created by the driver. The safety kit will usually include medical supplies, tools for when the car breaks down and sometimes emergency rations. You can cater the kit to whatever you feel is important, and swap out kits as you become a more experienced driver. Safety is a huge concern for new drivers that isn’t always covered in enough detail. 

2. Sign Overload

Sign overload is something that bothers drivers of all levels. The reaction time is almost as important as the comprehension of the signs. It’s less difficult than learning a new language, but important enough to affect driver education. An easy way to recognize signs and their importance is by the color. Red is no different than a person jumping on the car hood and screaming at your face. 

1. Accidents

Even if you’re a good driver, accidents happen. No matter how attentive you are, that won’t make up for the driving skills of the other people on the road. Worrying about other drivers is one of the things that leads to accidents. Paranoid driving is a real thing, and it is dangerous to take to the road with that attitude. 

Wrap Up

The moment you get licensed, a whole new world opens up. You’re one of many inexperienced drivers on the road, so don’t worry about the unknown. Concentrate on your individual skills while leaving the mind reading to the psychics.