4 Essential Tech Resources to Get You Through Quarantine

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Outside of using a laptop for work and some personal projects, and a smartphone for nearly everything else, many people might not have worried too much about technology before COVID-19 emerged in early 2020. However, everything has changed. In April 2020, The New York Times posted an article discussing how “the virus changed the way we internet.” With closures that span from entertainment to jobs, everyone has needed to become more internet savvy. 

Perhaps you have ramped up your online usage, checking social media websites, watching movies, participating in conference calls and much more. Maybe you are trying to find ways to make your time in quarantine easier, better and more convenient. 

Here are four essential tech resources to get you through quarantine more effectively and efficiently, reducing stress and worry in challenging times. Choosing the right monitor is also beneficial.

1. A High-Quality Desktop or Laptop Computer 

Whether you plan to work, game, watch streaming movies or a little of each while in quarantine, you need a high-quality computer. You may choose a desktop if you plan to stay in a centralized spot while using your machine, or you may intend to work on the patio some days and at the kitchen counter others. Either way, you have a world of choices available to you. Wired recommendations include the MacBook Pro, Acer Swift 3 and Pixelbook Go. Consider essential features like the processor, storage capacity and type of storage, and the amount of RAM. 

2. A Comfortable Chair 

You may choose a gaming chair or an ergonomically-friendly office chair, but either way, you want something that feels good and comfortable for long periods. Many new gamers, or those new to working at home for hours on end, are considering gaming chairs. For example, Arozzi sells a large, soft-fabric chair that features lumbar support and optimal comfort while maintaining a professional office appearance. Take your gaming breaks between video conference calls, and no one will suspect you’ve spent hours playing your favorite game for a break. 

3. The Right Ping Speed

Ping is directly related to enjoying optimal gaming experience. To improve your lead time, you want to figure out how to lower ping. The two most common ways to test ping are:

  • Checking in game. Many online games allow you to check ping by going to the settings to search for options like “display network options” or “display performance stats.” 
  • Checking on the internet. Another easy option for checking ping is to test online by going to an online ping testing site, then hitting “start.” 

The right internet provider can help you enhance your gameplay through various features to escape the worries of quarantine with less lagging and more winning. 

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones 

The chances are strong that you aren’t home alone during the quarantine. Your significant other, children, parents or housemates may all be there with you under one roof. Further, ambient neighborhood sounds can become disruptive. It is challenging to recreate quiet office conditions to focus and stay productive. Noise-canceling headphones like Bose QC35 II are ideal, but most headphones that fit over the ears will help drown out unwanted sound distractions. 

The Right Tech Makes Quarantine Easier to Navigate 

Regardless of whether you are working, studying, gaming or some combination of the three at home during quarantine, the right tech can help with productivity and play. Top gear like a desktop or laptop computer, a comfortable chair and noise-canceling headphones, along with high-caliber internet, are invaluable resources for surviving and thriving throughout quarantine.

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