11 Unique Surprises That’ll Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

About 81 percent of Americans cite love as a critical factor when making a lifelong commitment. It’s the reason you need to take the initiative to make your boyfriend feel loved, whether you started dating recently or have been living with him for years.

Just like you, your partner desires to feel loved each day. Sure, you can tell them several romantic words every other day, but it takes more than that to show them how you really feel about them.  

Occasionally, make plans to surprise your boyfriend. Doing something unexpected can keep your love alive for a long time. Remember that a successful relationship depends on the efforts you both put. 

So how do you make sure that you’re doing your part? If you’re reading this article, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we give you 11 cute ideas to surprise your boyfriend and get them to fall head over heels in love with you all over again. 

Read on to learn more.

1. Get Them a Thoughtful Gift 

Gifts are an excellent way of showing someone that you thought about them. Use Valentines gifts to express how much you treasure your man. 

Of course, you don’t have to buy your boyfriend a gift on special occasions only. Doing it when they least expect it can have a priceless effect. So the next time something catches your eye as you pass by the window of a store, consider picking it up for your dear one. 

2. Purchase Tickets to an Event He Loves

Is your boyfriend obsessed about a certain sporting event? Does he love stand-up comedy? Is he a huge fan of a popular music band?

Take the time to discover his thing and buy him tickets to attend it. Even better, accompany him to the event and have a great time with him.

3. Clean and Organize His Apartment

Another tip for surprising your boyfriend is to help tidy up his apartment if you don’t live together. Many guys tend to be messy and would appreciate a hand. 

Consider cleaning his house, doing his laundry, changing his bedsheets, cleaning his kitchen, or arranging his bookshelf. It’s a simple surprise that’ll melt his heart.

4. Take the Time to Learn Their Second Language

Well, it may not be possible to learn all of your boyfriend’s second language, but making an effort to learn a few phrases is something you can manage. Next time you buy them a gift, surprise them by writing something romantic on it in that language. 

It’s the perfect surprise for them. Whether your relationship lasts or not, you can be sure they’ll never lose that gift.

5. Surprise Your Boyfriend With a Professional Massage

At the end of a long day at work, your boyfriend may want nothing more than to rest and unwind. A surprise romantic massage can be one of the best surprises for him at that time. 

Ensure the lights are turned low and keep the aromatic candles burning. Get a few luxurious towels, some essential oils, and everything else you need to give him a truly unique experience. Don’t shy away from online videos to learn more about how you can give a massage that soothes his muscles and helps him relax. 

6. Plan a Date Night When He Least Expects It

Who says you must wait for your anniversary or his birthday to have a romantic night out with your man? A random date night is one of the best ways to ways to surprise your boyfriend. 

To make things more interesting, pick him up from the office and let him change in your car as you head to a disco to dance through the night. If he is the quiet kind, consider buying a bottle of wine, packing some sandwiches, and heading to the beach to spend some quality time in each other’s company.   

7. Prepare His Favorite Dish

Surprise your man by cooking the dish he loves most. If you only recently met him, consider calling his sibling or mom to find out his favorite dish, and take the time to prepare it. Consider going online for the recipe if you don’t know how to cook the meal.

Set the dish in lovely dinnerware and enjoy a romantic dinner with your special one. Who wouldn’t appreciate all that effort from their loved one?

8. Run His Errands for a Day

Are there certain errands that your boyfriend ignores, avoids, or hates? 

Some guys don’t like to do their grocery shopping, while others ignore their utility bills. Some are wary of setting up their dentist appointment.   

Find out what errands need to be run and do it for your special one. He’ll be pleasantly surprised and cherish you for this sweet gesture.

9. Fuel His Car

You can’t go wrong with this one. Fueling your partner’s car is something that probably no previous girlfriend has ever thought about, and it’ll catch him by surprise. It’s a small act of love that’ll save him time and spare him the headache.

If you have enough time, you can even get the car washed and waxed. You’ll love the expression on your boyfriend’s face the moment he sees the shiny ride.

10. Iron All His Work Clothes

Another creative idea on how to surprise your boyfriend is to get his work clothes ready. He’ll be wowed when he discovers that he doesn’t need to iron his work clothes when running late for work.

11. Gift His Pet

Guys tend to get very attached to their pets. Getting his dog something helps you win his heart as well. Just find something nice for the pet, and both pet and boyfriend will love you more.

Get Creative and Wow Your Boyfriend 

Your partner means everything to you, and you need to show him that. One of the best ways to do so is by looking for creative ways to surprise your boyfriend every once in a while. 

You don’t have to do something grand. Often, it’s the little romantic gestures that prove to your partner that you love and treasure them.

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