When to Start Couples Therapy

People go to therapy for many reasons and since relationships can be difficult, therapy is a helpful way to get you through the tough times. But, when do you know it is the right time to start couples therapy?

First, it is OK to have to go to therapy. Admitting that your relationship has its weaknesses is actually a sign of strength and shows that you care. It means that you are willing to do everything you can to fight for your relationship.


Of course, any successful relationship stems from a foundation of strong communication. Life can get busy, but you should always make time to talk with your partner. Therapy can help couples open up by offering advice on different ways to communication. This is how you can help put the intimacy back into your relationship. A silent relationship isn’t going to end well, so put a stop to it as soon as possible by attending counseling with your partner.


Disagreements are common in any type of relationship. However, if every single time you speak, it is negative or rude, which leads to fights, then you should consider attending counseling sessions. These sessions will teach you how to communicate nicely and the importance of showing respect to each other. A therapist has the tools to get to the root of the problem and give you the resources to fix it.


Keeping secrets from your significant other is a number one sign that there is an issue in your relationship. You should never feel you need to hide anything from your partner. Privacy is a big part of a successful marriage, but there is a difference between not needing to share every single detail of your life to intentionally hiding something. This leads to lying because keeping secrets usually involves some sort of lie. Lying to your partner is only going to cause more issues and there should never be a reason that you feel you should keep a secret in your relationship.


Speaking of secrets, wanting to pursue an affair is another sign that therapy is needed. We all fantasize, but there is a huge difference when you really want to consider acting on that impulse. Something is obviously going on in the relationship and therapy can help you get to the bottom of it and help you with those temptations.

Sex Life

A healthy sex life is also important for a successful relationship. Again, life can get busy, but if you don’t make the extra effort and take the time to be passionate with your partner, there could be a problem in your relationship. A therapist can help you spice things up in the bedroom. Try not to put too much pressure on this subject, but speak openly with your therapists about your feelings.

There are only benefits to attending couples therapy as it can only make your relationship stronger. You should never feel ashamed for attending therapy and take pride in the fact that you are taking the proper steps forward to work on your relationship and make it better than ever.