What to do if your family keeps asking why you are single

Every moment you get to spend with your loved ones is valuable, but it can also be difficult, especially if you’re single. Even though you know they keep asking all those questions about your relationship status simply because they care about you, it doesn’t make it any less tiring to answer them again and again. So before you go to another birthday party, family dinner, or a wedding of a relative, take a moment to come up with a few simple ways to stop the subject before it gets on your nerves and ruins the atmosphere.

Stay calm

Well, first of all, don’t get angry. Yes, hearing the same comments about how you’re getting older and it’s time to settle down isn’t fun. And it’s not very surprising that it can annoy you quite fast. But it’s not an excuse to snap at your relatives. Try to keep in mind that they’re only doing it because they want the best for you. You can deflect the question by turning the whole situation into a joke. It’ll let you avoid the problematic subject and change it to something else. For example, you can answer by asking about their own life. Or you can simply say that you’re happy they are interested in your life, but you’d rather keep such things to yourself.

Explain your situation

You can also use this opportunity to engage in a conversation about your love life and make the whole situation clear. By making your opinion known, you’ll avoid similar questions in the future. Or at least limit their number. If you simply don’t want to date anyone right now – say it. But if you’d rather wait for the right person to appear in your life, instead of trying your luck with someone you just like, don’t be afraid to admit it as well. There’s a chance you want to focus on your career or studies before you think about settling down. Your family may not understand it and worry that you’re lonely, but they’ll come to terms with your decision if you explain that you’re happy with your life the way it currently is.

Change the subject

If you’d like to avoid the topics related to relationships altogether, you can change the subject completely. Lead the conversation towards the plans you have for your next vacation or start talking about your latest project at work. Choose a topic that you feel strongly about, if your family sees it’s something important to you, they’ll be less inclined to go back to the previous conversation. Just make sure to not stay quiet for too long, because that’s one of the things that will make people start asking you questions again just to get out of the awkward silence.

Be creative

There’s also a chance to solve this issue by telling your family that you are currently seeing someone. It doesn’t necessarily have to be true, just say you’ve met someone recently and you’re waiting to see how it goes. If you want to be more creative you can even ask one of your friends to accompany you to a wedding or a party, it’ll definitely stop the questions. Or you can take it one step further and hire someone to be your date for the evening. There are many female and male escorts in London and other places who’d be willing to help you out in such a situation. Simply go online and look for the best escort agency in London to see your options.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to date or not is absolutely up to you, and you shouldn’t have to explain your choices to anyone. But if your relatives and friends enjoy asking uncomfortable questions a little too much, you can use one of the solutions listed above to get out of such situations. Just remember that the most important thing is for you to be happy with your life, what others think about it doesn’t really matter that much.