What Careers Can You Get With a Social Sciences Degree From Excelsior College?

A social sciences degree from Excelsior College will open up doors of opportunity for you that you may never have dreamed possible. The program studies the many facets of human behavior and how we are affected both individually and in groups. These types of studies are intended to train individuals to analyze and create environments where people understand each other and work well together. And you’ll find them in all different types of fields, some that may surprise you.

Human resources

With the training you’ll receive in social sciences from Excelsior College, you’ll be able to easily manage the intricacies of human resources (HR) within an organization. The highest ranking job in this field is usually human resources manager or officer. In this position, you’ll be involved in the hiring, training, benefits, and conflict resolution practices within your company.


Many attorneys receive their undergraduate degrees in social services as it gives them a well-rounded experience in human behaviors. And a degree from a top-ranking school like Excelsior College is one of the things these programs look for. But even if you don’t plan to pursue your JD (doctor of Jurisprudence) degree, there are plenty of other careers in the legal field you’ll be qualified for. These might include mediation, legal assistance, research, or careers in criminal justice.


A degree in social sciences from Excelsior College is a great foundation for a career in psychology. Because you spend your undergraduate years in this degree learning the ins and outs of human behavior, you’ll start out with a good grasp on how the mind works. You can use this degree as a springboard for a graduate degree in psychology. But there are also some jobs in the field you can go right into with just your social sciences degree. For example, you might choose to be a psychiatric technician, who work under psychiatrists, monitoring patients and assisting with everyday tasks.

Political science

One facet of social science is political science. Many of these majors go on to build careers in areas of government. And there are many different types of jobs that fall under this umbrella. For example, you might work for your city as a manager or justice of the peace. Or you might choose to work at a higher level with state or national entities. These jobs might include consultants, analysts, speech-writers, or campaign specialists, just to name a few.

Public relations

A social sciences degree is the perfect platform for a career in public relations. As an expert in this field, you would be in charge of building relationships and increasing engagement between a company and its consumers. These jobs involve many aspects of what you would learn in a social sciences program. This includes things like advising employees and management on best communications practices, protecting your company’s reputation, and researching and analyzing relationship-building techniques. In other words, most aspects of outside communication would go through you.


A career in education may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of social sciences. However, many people in the industry start out with a degree in the field. This is probably because learning to deal with the public and maintaining good communication practices are such a big part of social sciences, that it quite naturally translates into the field of education. You’ll usually see people with this degree in administration, but they’ll also occasionally go on to teach. With your undergraduate education, you’ll be able to obtain teacher certification for most grades from kindergarten through twelfth grade, but you can also choose to pursue a master’s so you can teach in college.

A degree in social science can open the doors for many career paths. Consider your passions and career goals then take the first steps toward achieving your dreams.

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