Using Email Finder and Verifier for My Business

As a business owner, I am always looking for new tools to help my business grow and succeed. Sending emails is a common thing for quite a number of professions these days. Though it can be difficult at times to not only find emails but also to verify them. Both these processes can be done manually but it is too time-consuming. Luckily, I’ve found the email hunter and Verifier for my business using which I can generate leads easily.

There are so many benefits of using email as a means of marketing for any business. Through emails, one can send alerts about sales, new products, events or monthly newsletters. And emails are used as a way of high conversion. Additionally, it is an extremely efficient way to communicate with your customers, coworkers, and business partners. 

And what to do when the list of clients you have now is not enough for you and you are ready to grow it? How are you going to do that? This is where comes in and will help your business benefit just as it has helped me. Read on and you will learn how! 

Tools offered by

The tools provided by will be helpful for any type of business and every professional will benefit. For example, let’s say you need to find more email addresses of leads to grow the base. Thanks to the email hunter, you will easily perform a few types of searches according to your needs and preferences. offers a domain search where you can find contacts easily and connect with them to find out even more information. With the bulk domain search, you can get a list of emails that are associated with a set of domain names. You can insert up to 20,000 domains to explore at one time. A few other searchers are available. 

To try out the email finder extension. That’s a simple-to-use tool you can try on any page! Sign up with, install the Chrome extension, and activate it on any page. Add the found emails to the necessary list of prospects, go to the web application, and use the email checker. 

Once the list of prospects’ email addresses is compiled, ensure that the emails on it are correct to avoid bounced emails. The email verifier provided by will easily help you with this task. This tool helps you filter out any emails that are not valid. This process will not only improve the delivery rate but also save you time and money. Verify a list of emails right away? Easily! Want to verify a single email address? Not a problem, provides both features.  

One of the best features of their email verifier is that it is quick! It is actually one of the fastest verifiers on the market. On top of that, you can trust the results as cares about the accuracy of their reports. t detects duplicate emails and the catch-all emails, so your email list is always under protection. 

Who will benefit from using

Emails are still relevant today, that’s for sure and every professional will benefit when they choose and their set of tools. But here’s my shortlist of professions that will benefit most. It is based solely on my experience and opinion. So if you have something to add, please, share in comments. 

  • Email marketers & sales managers: all the tools support these groups of professionals in searching for leads and reaching out to them. 
  • Outreach managers will be glad to both email finder and verifier. They can find the best bloggers and check their email addresses. 
  • Recruiters&HRs: these categories will benefit too. They can surf LinkedIn profiles and search pages and save the found emails on-the-go with the Chrome email hunter extension. 

Advantages of using

Once I started using, I’ve managed to streamline my workflow. I always had to spend a lot of time searching for emails and verifying them. However, helped me with these processes a lot.

Let’s sum up the advantages of using 

  • A reliable way to find emails
  • Easy database to search for specific emails based on company size, location and more 
  • A quick way to verify emails
  • Duplicate emails removal
  • Works well with Gmail
  • Compatible with LinkedIn
  • Accurate verification results

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