These Jobs Aren’t Just For Men

If you’re female, there’s no longer any need to feel trapped into a particular career path. Back in the day, women only have a handful of options open to then. Becoming a secretary, a nurse, a teacher or shop worker were really the only ways to go with the limited paths open to women. However, now, no path is closed off. If you’ve always dreamed of joining the police or joining the army, you can. No matter what you want from your life, you’re free to take your own direction.

When women choose jobs today, they have a world of opportunity. So long as they have the appropriate qualifications and experience, they can do anything they like. Yet, even today in the 21st century, there are some roles which are seen primarily as a male preserve. However, just because these jobs are more associated with men doesn’t mean that women can’t do them. Here are some to consider.

Detectives And Special Agents

Most people imagine a man when they think of special agents and detectives. However more women are entering this sector. It isn’t surprising so many women are attracted to this career path. It’s interesting, exciting and lucrative with salaries of up to $80,000. Some police departments don’t even require a Bachelor’s Degree, so it’s definitely worth looking into.


An architect is responsible for building design and for guaranteeing that it is functional, safe and suited to the requirements of those who intend to use them. The architectural career path is a complex one and lots of studying is involved. A 5 year degree course is the only way forward, but the salary is very attractive at about $80,000.


When we think of hairdressing, we tend to think of women but when we think of barbers we think of men. There’s no need for this to be the case. In fact there is a great demand for more barbers out there, so women who choose to go down the male hairdressing route can actually enjoy better job prospects.

Computer Programmer

ICT is big news these days and the information technology sector has an enormous need for more workers all the time. So long as a woman has the necessary Bachelor’s degree qualification, she can succeed and thrive in this career path. Salaries are exceptionally high depending on which company you work for, and the opportunities are global.


Engineers use their math and science expertise in order to resolve technical problems. Many kinds of engineering roles are out there. Mechanical, aeronautical and civil are just three types. More women are currently being encouraged to enter this industry, and as salaries are high, there are lots of reasons for any woman who enjoys working with her hands to consider embarking on an engineering career path.

Truck Driver

We usually imagine a man when we think of truck drivers, but there are actually more women entering this sector these days. Transporting items between destinations doesn’t require any specific qualifications about from a high school diploma and the obligatory commercial drivers’ license, and therefore women and men are equally suited to this role.


At one time, all firefighters had to be bed however these days there is a lot more equality in this sector. As long as a woman can meet the fitness requirement, they can enjoy this rewarding and exciting role while commanding an attractive salary of up to $50,000 annually.


If you’ve ever watched Flashdance, you’ll know that women can be welders too! In fact there are many more women entering this job sector nowadays, attracted by its exciting potential and attractive salaries. As long as a woman is wearing suitable clothing to protect her from any possible injury, she will be just as successful in this job as any man. You can learn more from about how to choose the best safety items.


The last time you flew by airplane, you may well have had a female pilot. There are more of them than ever before, yet still there is an inequality in the numbers of men and women choosing this career path. While it’s not easy to get a job as a commercial pilot, there is a very high salary of $140,000 to look forward to!