The Lazy Persons Guide To Home Gym Equipment and Fitness

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The motivation you can get from a personal trainer when you go to the gym can be awesome, but for many of us the time it takes to travel to the gym, find a park, get changed, workout and then repeat in reverse to get home is very demotivating. Add in the costs involved and a lot of people get put off. Personally I’d recommend the NordicTrack studio cycle, which is an upright bike that relies on a magnetic resistance to deliver a smooth and quiet workout at home. Generally, you will want to do a mix of slow and fast movement

Although gyms have certainly changed from the boxing halls or lyric clad jazzercise rooms of the 70s, many people still find them quite intimidating. So, while having a gym at home won’t necessarily replace the personal attention and guidance you can get from having a personal trainer get your through your workout, it can still be a fantastic way to get moving, at your pace, and get yourself fitter and stronger. 

Getting The Best From Your Workout

 There is a huge variety of home gym equipment on the market, and each item is going to work better for a different person and lifestyle. However, no amount of gear is going to work if you don’t use it, so ignore the fancy marketing and think seriously about what you like to do and what might work for you. 

One of the hardest things when making positive changes in your life is to make them a habit, if you wait for motivation to strike you will be waiting a long time, to quote a well known manufacturer, you need to just do it. Unfortunately, that is generally easier said than done, and creating that positive habit-forming behavior is mostly part of the challenge. 

Hire A Pro

If you have already purchased gym gear, look at what you’ve got and why you aren’t using it. If you happen to have a multigym or free weights set up that you aren’t using, go online and find a personal trainer who will come to you. Even just once a week, every week for a month, will make the investment you made in your gear purchase worthwhile. You want to make sure that the trainer you are working with runs through your medical history and is able to come up with a plan that will not only protect your health but help you to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Make sure that you’re not just hiring them to motivate you, you want them to make sure that you have everything set up properly, and that they can show you how to use all the gear you already own. There is no point waving weights around if you’re not actually going to be getting any benefit from them. Because this may not be something that all personal trainers are great at, check that the one you are speaking to knows something about your particular set up before you hire them. 

Position Equipment For Your Lifestyle

Ok, so you’ve thought about it, and your favorite thing is to sit on the couch and watch TV. You know what, you can still get fit with this. You could move a treadmill, rowing machine or cross trainer into the room with your TV in it for starters. This means that when you are shopping for equipment you should ask about how quiet they are, because if they are too noisy to operate you will find yourself put off. Generally, you will want to do a mix of slow and fast movement to get your heartrate up and keep it up, but a slow to medium walk on the treadmill for the entire length of Stranger Things or Homecoming is still far better than sitting on the couch isn’t it, or what about a brisk walk or jog while watching Brooklyn 99? 

If you prefer to spend your time in the kitchen than the living room, you might consider trying a balance board or weights to get strength training while you wait for your pot to boil. You could even try doing walking lunges from room to room. 

Beat Your Goals

When you are starting off, ignore the recommendations, and avoid looking at the internet for inspiration. There are a range of reasons why some people are active and some are not (see here). Set goals that put you racing against yourself. If you did 500 steps yesterday, can you do 550 today? If you managed to jump rope 5 times on Monday, can you get up to 50 by Sunday? Look at your exercise routine as a lifestyle change, everything in life takes time, so give yourself a 5 year goal not a 5 minute goal.

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