The Importance of Garages Within Home Design

Curb appeal. It’s the reason front lawns were invented and something you can’t ignore when designing a home. It’s the first impression people have when viewing your home and with the garage often dominating the front of the house and accounting for as much as 30% of a homes visual impact, it can’t be forgotten. With most garages serving as storage spaces, not only for cars but for anything you don’t want cluttering up your living space, it’s an important room in any home. A house without a garage is smaller, less impressive, and less practical.

Market Value

People value garages as an essential in their home buying process and adding one to your home can increase the homes value. When having a home appraised, they will not only look at the homes condition and size, but any improvements made on it, including the addition of a garage. The addition of a garage can be costly, but studies show they could up the value of your home by 21 thousand dollars granting you at least 81% back on the investment. Adding value to an existing garage is also a great way to boost a homes price, gaining you more back on your investment then even a bathroom or patio remodel.

Curb Appeal

With the garage door being one of the most notable features of your homes exterior, it is essential to consider it when working on a home’s curb appeal. When improving the outside appearance of your home, don’t forget that garage doors are very visible and a nice door can up your curb appeal drastically. With a huge selection including custom garage doors, you’re sure to find something that suits your homes style perfectly.


While garages serve as amazing storage for all things, they more often than not get cluttered and unsightly. A quarter of homeowners say they are embarrassed to leave their garage doors open for neighbors to see. With garages being essential in curb appeal, an unorganized garage can negatively impact the value and look of your home. The simple solution to this is the use the storage in your garage to its fullest. The most overlooked places for storage are the walls and ceiling. Tools, sporting equipment, and even bicycles can be stored on the walls of the garage in many ways for a clean, organized look. If the walls are filled up, utilizing the ceiling space can free up floor space. An overhead storage rack can keep all your floor clutter in boxes above your head, not only keeping your garage neat, but also allowing you to free up space for parking.

Garages are often overlooked in home design, but as a huge part of your home they shouldn’t be. They dominate your homes curb appeal, which can increase the value of your home significantly. 80% of home buyer consider the garage when looking for a new home, and if your garage is unsightly they may pass up the house. Storage and parking is a great improvement to a home, especially when used efficiently, and a garage installed by a professional like CSS Garage Doors is a must have piece of home design.