Milfplay Review

Have you ever sat down and wondered why it has become so hard to find milfs today? Every guy dreams of having sex with older women and many of us have actually experienced it. The ones who have dealt with older women have great tales to tell. For a newbie like yourself, I can understand why finding milfs is hard.

There are two reasons why you are struggling with finding milfs. One, you are inexperienced, and two, you are probably looking at the wrong places. You see, older women, including milfs, have moved on from the old dating system, just like us guys have. They no longer hang in street locations waiting for a guy to approach them. They live busy lives and finding a partner in the shortest time possible has become their priority.

Mills and other hot older women are now very familiar with how the internet works, and most of them are now on adult dating websites. So if you’ve been looking for these women in bars, libraries, clubs, and other street locations, no wonder why you have been unsuccessful so far.

Today I am going to let you on a secret, a secret that will help you find as many milfs as you desire to date. To find the best milfs out there, I only recommend joining one adult dating site, Milfplay.

I have been using Milfplay for a couple of years now and no matter where I am in the world, I always have access to hundreds of milfs in my area thanks to this site. Milfplay is one of the largest adult dating sites that specialize in milf dating. That’s right, you’ll only find older women on the site who are not only horny but always on the lookout for young men like you and me.

Other than being one of the best places to find milf women, Milfplay has many other salient features that anyone who loves an adult dating site would want to join it immediately.

Features of Milfplay

Here is a quick rundown of the many features of Milfplay.

Beautiful Design And Easy To Use

One of the reasons why so many older women use Milfplay is because the site is so beautifully designed that anyone with even the most basic computer knowledge can use it. This is a huge factor because most milfs have struggled using advanced websites with a cluttered interface. The clean interface is friendly and inviting, thus you will see more older women members here than any other site out there.

Ability to View Galleries and See Whose Online

The biggest problem I have seen in many adult dating websites is that many of them don’t even let you see the status of the member. They don’t tell you if a certain member is currently online or offline. Milfplay has a live update system that immediately shows if a certain member is online. If you’ve ever used Facebook messenger, you know exactly what I am talking about.

In addition to that, the site has a section that acts like Instagram. People put up their pictures and any member can view them, like them, and even get in touch with the member who uploaded the photos. If you’re keen on searching profiles on the site, just visit the gallery section, see some photos, and get in touch with the member whose photo attracts you the most.

Most Advanced Search Features

The advanced search features of Milfplay won my heart instantly when I first started using the site. It is also the only reason why I keep coming back to this site whenever I want to hook up with a milf.

The advanced search feature provides you with filters such as sexual preference, gender, age, location, appearance, profession, income, compatibility, interests, and more.

These features make the site feel like Amazon for older women. Just check mark the things you love and the site will automatically filter out the members who don’t match your queries. For example, if you are more of the kind who is interested in various physical features of a woman, simply check the features you want. Options such as eye color, hair color, body shape, bust, and more are available to experiment with.

Live Webcams and Video Chat

These two are also my favorite features of Milfplay. Whenever I am not in the mood to hang out with a milf, I often open the site and go to the live webcams section. Here I can interact with plenty of milfs who are available to provide a private session immediately. Just ask them for a private session and the two of you can enjoy cyber sex!

And if you want to talk to any particular woman, the option of starting a video chat with any member on the site is also available. The member should have a webcam attached though.


Milfplay is one of my favorite hunting grounds for older women. The site has so many members that it makes it very easy to find a milf and convince her to date you. The good thing about the site is that it has a very balanced ratio of men and women. Just sign-up on the site and start looking for women and you’ll easily be able to get them to talk to you because there is very little competition here.

Also, another important factor that makes Milfplay such a good place to find older women is because the members don’t have unfair expectations. If you’ve ever used a dating site or application before, you must already know how women on other platforms usually prefer men with ‘extremely good’ looks. This situation is so bad that on Tinder, it was reported that only 10% of the best looking men on the app usually get responses from women. Others are always ignored.

If you’re looking for a quick hookup without paying a hefty amount of money, be sure to check out Milfplay, I guarantee you that you’ll love it.