How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Like a Pro

In the United States, a couple spends an average of $3.70 for a single invitation to their wedding. With an estimated guest count of one hundred and twenty, the couple is likely to pay $445 to have you attend their wedding. Many couples tend to seek the touch of custom invites but are not willing or unable to hire the best in the business.

For this reason, many select the easy and less expensive option of making your invitation cards. A lot goes into designing and printing the most creative and unique wedding invitations.

Below are ways on how to make your own wedding invitations like a pro.

1. Establish Your Wedding Style

Couples have different ideas about how they want their wedding to be. While some vision a wedding with class and elegance, others look for simplicity and casual, and others wish to have a glam.

The couples can make the right choice of stationery that spells out their wedding style while shopping if they know what their wedding will be. It’s also advisable that they research on wedding invitations to catch a glimpse into other people’s styles for inspiration.

2. Know Your Theme

Wedding themes mainly focus on the colors the bride and groom are looking to incorporate into their wedding. Knowing your colors enables you to carry them through all the bits of the wedding from the ceremony guide to the menu. While dull colors look classy for formal wedding invitations, you might want to brighten the colors on yours to bring out the life in anticipation of the day.

Most of the couples that utilize a single color scheme in the whole wedding achieve an organized and somewhat cohesive look. You might want to follow in their footsteps, especially if your guest list has some celebrity names.

3. Wise Choice of Words

It goes without saying that whoever is hosting the wedding is listed in the invitation. It’s also essential that information is communicated especially on the timing and location. You don’t have to give it all out but make sure you have relayed your information.

You should also include a request line for the same respect and honor.

4. Consider the Cost

Not every guest requires an invitation letter. You may want to count the families or households on the guest list, which may cut down the cost by half. The printing expense heavily relies on the quality, quantity, design, ink, and typeface.

It’s why researching comes in handy as it gives you a scope of the amount you’ll have to pay for a particular card invitation design. You might want to check out wedding invite templates from Adobe Spark.

5. Seize the Opportunity

If you are seriously looking to cut down on cost then you might want to include your menus, thank you notes and programs in one order. It’s also the best way to consider cohesiveness of your stationery even if the designs will be different.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

The best wedding invitations are those that have a personal touch to it. You don’t have to focus on the main event and do a crappy job on the details. Make your own wedding invitations if you want to get the best value for your money and cut down on cost.

You already have too much going into the main event. You might as well keep it cost effective on the invitations.

Designing your own wedding invitations has become quite easier due to the availability of the Invitation maker app. In this digital world, you don’t have to visit a designer as you can create paperless cards and invitations yourself on your android device. Now, you can create invitations for your wedding by choosing a template from the wedding invitations category on the invitation maker app. Creating your wedding invitations will save you a lot of money and time as the designer will charge you a lot, and he/she will also take a day or two for the completion of your order.

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