How to Keep a Relationship Alive: 7 Tips Everyone Should Know

We all love the Disney stories of princes and princesses triumphing over evil, and living happily ever after.

That is, of course, until we all got out into the world and got a taste of real-world romance.

As most of us have discovered, there is no simple solution for how to keep a relationship alive. Those with the longest marriages say different things about what makes their relationship last so long.

With that said, there are certainly a number of things you can do in order to help keep your relationship alive.

Here you will find the top seven romance tips for keeping the relationship alive and the romance fresh!

How To Keep A Relationship Alive

Before we even get into any specifics, a good thing to ask yourself at the outset is whether you even want to keep the relationship alive.

Sometimes a lack of spark in the relationship can be indicative of more than just a phase or rough patch.

Consider your long term goals and feelings and see if you truly wish to move forward with your relationship.

1. The 2-2-2 Plan

This is an age-old classic. It is basically a plan for you and your significant other to get some quality time together on a consistent basis. Under this plan, you and your partner will agree to:

  • Go out on a date at least every two weeks
  • Go away for a weekend at least every two months
  • Go away for a week at least every two years

This may not be feasible for everyone, but you can tweak the plan to fit your needs and schedules. The point is that it’s good to schedule these things so you don’t find yourself going crazy long stretches without ever doing things as a couple.

2. Have Sex!

It may sound crass to just blurt out, but nothing is more true than this: a healthy sex life correlates to a healthy relationship in general.

Even if you already have sex, consider having it more often or mixing things up in the bedroom. It helps to talk to your partner regularly to make sure you’re both on the same page.

If you or your man has troubles in the bedroom, you can always shop now for high-quality discount viagra.

3. Open Communication

Let’s face it: we’ve all been guilty of not saying what we truly feel. We all also know it typically only leads to more misunderstanding or anger.

If you have a problem with your partner, go to them about it directly. If your partner has a problem with you and comes to discuss it with you, take their concerns seriously, don’t get defensive.

So long as both partners maintain a respectful and cooperative tone, there is no reason that ANY issue cannot be worked out by talking through it.

4. Sharing The Weight

One of the unique features of a relationship is that it is literally impossible for a single person to succeed at one. Two people need to be giving an equal effort towards making the relationship good and strong.

This means that no amount of effort on one person’s part will ever fix a relationship. If your partner isn’t pulling their weight in any capacity, speak with them in a manner described in tip #3. 

5. Showing Appreciation

This is so important to remember. Showing appreciation for the things your partner does for you or for your family is a win-win all around. It makes them feel like you pay attention and appreciated and in turn, leads to positive emotions towards one another.

Even just little things like “thank you” can go a long way if you’ve fallen into a habit of taking things your partner does for a given.

Now, sometimes, you simply must go bigger. For example, holidays such as Valentine’s day seems to lose its luster to couples after a few years together.

Do not fall victim to this trap. Do not get complacent. 

The great length of a relationship is all the more reason to go bigger! It also allows you to be more creative and take more risks since you’re more comfortable with your partner.

For example, you could buy them an exotic pet to share together. Not your style?

Well, for another example, you could buy a European vacation or a new home.

Heck, if you haven’t proposed yet, popping the question is always a romantic filled event, one that may juice up the relationship to a whole new level.

6. If You Love Them, Tell Them

So simple, yet still so underused. If you want more a better relationship with your partner, and you love them, then say it to them!

Say “I love you, (insert name here)!”

Just because you feel as though they should already know it doesn’t mean it isn’t nice to hear. Tell your partner how much they mean to you on a regular basis, and you’ll find your relationship stronger for it.

7. Eat Meals Together Whenever Possible

This may seem strange, but it actually matters a great deal. Sharing a meal with your significant other isn’t just about eating together. It’s about getting the opportunity to have a period of time where the two of you are together, with nothing to distract you, nothing to entertain you other than each other’s company.

It can be incredibly romantic to simply look your partner in the eyes and appreciate the company of one another sometimes.

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