Gifts for the Men in Your Life

It is always hard to find the right gift for all of the men in your life. It seems that men are much harder to buy for, mainly because they have everything and really never want anything (so they say!) Luckily, we put together a few gift ideas that we think will be perfect for any man in your life!

Beauty Products

Wait, beauty products for men? Yes!! Men have to look and smell good too. Does your man wear a special cologne that they absolutely love? Well, this time of year, there are always great kits out there with cologne, aftershave and lotion.

Places like Ulta and Sephora also have really nice kits out this time of year that comes with samples of some of the best products out there for men like shampoo, shower gel, shaving gel, lotion and more.

Gift cards for a pedicure or facial is also a great gift, but make sure you do it as a couple date!

Vape Accessories

When in doubt, get your man a new vape or some new accessories. The DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer is ideal for the man in your life who is looking to upgrade their vape. Plus, you can really spoil him and get him a case and some new flavors to along with his new vape!

Edible Flowers 

Gifting masculine flowers like white orchid is nice but a beef jerky rose is much more appealing to men’s taste.Satisfying one’s cravings for chewy and somewhat pliant meaty goodies is the best. Every bite is packed with proteins and some minerals that are great for body-building strategies for guys. Hence, surprising him with a beef jerky bouquet from Manly Man is awesome.

Video Games

Don’t be afraid to ask the men in your life what kind of video games they are wanting this year. Or if you don’t want to let them know you are getting them that, you can go to your local game store and ask the clerk. They will know what is hot right now and what your man will love to play.


Most men love sports. You can never go wrong with getting gear in their favorite football team or basketball team. There are plenty of options out there like jerseys, shirts, sweatshirts and hats. Or you can really go all out and get tickets to an upcoming basketball or baseball game.

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