Garden Furniture makes a difference

We all have those days when the sun comes out in England, where we rush to garden and set up our barbeques and then look at our garden furniture with distain. This is especially prevalent when we first come out of the springtime and our furniture has been sat rotting for the last year!

There is a sense of pride in our gardens and houses which demands a little effort! Especially when our friends and family arrive.  We simply don’t want to be embarrassed and also want to enjoy those sun filled days of fun with our nearest and dearest.

My garden furniture was in a bit of a state this year and I looked online and found waterside garden centre thank God! I found a really good deal, but most importantly a really nice and top-quality set of garden furniture that actually looks like it will last!  We need all the accessories of course and I went to town on my set up. I am so glad I did as the comments I got when our last garden party in the sunshine, were so positive and I felt quite proud of my investment.

This was a year ago and we pulled the garden suite, cushions and tables out this Springtime and it was as good as new.  Buy cheap, buy twice they say, but my garden gear was actually not that expensive for the quality I got. 

So, let’s get ready for the summer properly and make the most of our outside space and buy furniture that looks good and actually lasts without falling apart.