Embrace the Climb: How to Manifest the Career You Dream About

The amazing thing about kids is that they don’t understand limits. They believe that they can do anything that they see someone else do. While you’re no longer a child, if you’re able to tap into that childlike can-do spirit again, you will experience the truth of the saying “you can do anything you put your mind to.”

For many adults, the problem is that their imagination grew up with the rest of their mind. Life hit and then shortly after that, you got a job, got married, had your own kids, maybe a house and mortgage. Surely a busy life is a good reason to stay put at a dead-end job, right? Wrong! If you’ve grown unhappy or stagnant in your career, then it’s time to start dreaming like a kid again. Continue reading to see how you can revitalize your career and kickstart your new life.

Go back to school

A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that it is too late to go back to school. They worry about having to attend classes with people who are much younger and more hip than themselves. They fret over the additional time that they will have to spend away from family. Those worries are so twentieth century!

You don’t have to step foot on campus to get your college degree these days. Studies show that over 6 million students took online courses during the fall semester of 2016! If you’re interested in a career that requires a college degree, then there is no time like the present to get started on it.

The good thing about taking classes online is that your choices are not limited by location. This allows you to just focus on what school will best serve your career interests. You will need to do your legwork as there are thousands of schools to choose from, but if you’re diligent, you’ll find the right fit. Even if you already have a degree and would simply like to further your education, there is a program for you! People are even getting doctorate degrees online these days!

Make yourself more visible at work

If you’re one of those people who just like to “keep their head down” and get it done, well — at least you’ve got half of it right. On the flipside, you have the other half all wrong. You don’t want your great work going unnoticed!

You shouldn’t run to your superiors and alert them every time you excel at your job, but there are ways of getting them to take notice. One way to do this is by simply being helpful at your workplace. Taking the initiative to help others with their tasks or train newbies are things that ingratiate you to others in the workplace. Do something morale-boosting, a simple gesture like signing up your team for a coffee club. You won’t have to brag to the boss — they’ll do it for you!

Another positive way to go about getting noticed at your workplace is to ask for more responsibility. In an ideal situation, more responsibility comes with more money, but don’t concern yourself with that just yet. If your boss grants your request for more responsibility, then you can just about count on that raise, as long as you continue to impress with your effort and high-quality work.

Find a mentor

Regardless of what your career plans are, it is good to have a mentor who can help you along the way in your professional life. It is always better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than your own. A mentor can help you navigate issues that they’ve experienced, like how to ask for a raise and handle an obnoxious or disrespectful co-worker. In addition, they can teach you more nuanced things about your job that you would otherwise have to learn through trial and error.

The power to advance your career is totally in your hands. If you can’t see this for yourself, then you need to reconnect with the child that you used to be and borrow their imagination and faith. You can have the career that you’ve always wanted. If you’re willing to take the steps, you’ll reach your destination!