Custom Writing: Top Tips for Writing an Essay in a Hurry

Writing a good essay is not easy and when you have little time to do it, the task becomes even more difficult. Whether you have a college essay assignment or you have a custom writing project for a client, the quality of your paper has to be superb and when doing the writing in a hurry this is not easy to achieve. Writing in a hurry can lead to structural and grammatical errors, incomplete research and other issues in your paper. However, with the right strategy, it is possible to pull this off and submit an A+ essay within the short time available.

This article offers tips on writing a good essay in a hurry. Keep reading.


  • Review the Essay Requirements


Before you start working on the essay, read through the instructions carefully to avoid time wasting revisions. If there’s any unclear guideline, talk to your teacher and only start when you understand all the requirements. According to Oxford Royale Academy, this is one of the best techniques for paper writing in a hurry.


  • Eliminate Distractions


Before you get started, make sure you create the best writing environment away from all distractions. Make sure you switch off any electronic devices you don’t need for your research to ensure maximum concentration.


  • Plan Your Time


Now that you have little time for your essay, you need to plan how to utilize every second. Break down the essay into parts and create a schedule where each section gets a time slot. Provide ample time for every phase of the essay writing process to ensure you do a thorough job.


  • Write Down Your Notes


When researching your essay in a hurry, it is easy to miss out on crucial points and for this reason, you need to jot them down as you study. This way, you never miss any point and you will have adequate points for the paper.

Image 1: A student working on an essay in a hurry


  • Find the Best Topic


Now that you have little time for this task, you should choose a topic that interests you and one that doesn’t require a lot of research. Go for a familiar topic for which you can easily find research materials. With such a topic, you know where to start and where to go for materials.


  • Create an Outline


An essay outline is a roadmap that will guide you through the task. It should include the topic, thesis statement, body paragraphs each with a new idea and a conclusion. You will complete your essay faster when referring to a comprehensive essay outline.


  • Diversify Your Research Sources


You need to look beyond the normal sources for your essay materials. Go online and find reputable sources including college publications, online libraries, online journals, and other easily accessible resources. It is easier to use these sources than textbooks and other resources in your school library.


  • Find an Essay Helper


Working with a professional essay writer can speed things up. These professionals can help you through the various stages of essay writing including finding the best topic, thesis formulation, editing, and proofreading.  They can also provide samples for you to get an idea of what the teacher needs. With their experience, essay writers will help you submit a winning essay despite the short time available.

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