Circus Acts for your Events

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Have you ever been to a party and it felt a bit stale or boring? Your corporate event was full of singing and awarding but it lacked the right spice. Your son’s birthday party is coming up soon and you don’t know yet what to do to keep the kids entertained. Well, there is a modern solution for you. You can now hire circus acts or a part thereof to entertain at your own party. Now, you don’t have to go to “the Circus” to watch, experience, and enjoy the marvelous acts of acrobats, fire, and magic! You can now have the whole gang in your event and bring in the animals too. 

Circus nowadays is not limited to festivals and the fair where a group of clowns and what not travel from town to town to try and entertain everyone to earn a living. Today, they have evolved from the traveling group of gypsies and weirdoes to trained professionals ready to perform at any place and any time at the right price. They are now compartmentalized so you can hire a certain part of the group instead of hiring them all. If you want you can even just hire a single clown. Click this link to learn about the different circus acts:

Here are lists of circus acts to help you choose what you want: 

The Clown

Nowadays, the clown has a bad connotation due to movies like IT. They are portrayed as evil and dangerous when in reality they are the complete opposite of that. They are supposed to be clumsy but witty and they can make any child smile with their ingenuity and dedication. You can still hire them nowadays and have a good laugh with your friends and family around. 

The clown has always been the face of the circus. They are both acrobat and magician but the clumsier version of both. They intentionally make themselves look stupid or hurt themselves a little to get that laugh out of you. They can do acts like juggling or doing that while unicycling and they can also make fun of you buy making fart sounds when you shake their hand. Overall, having a clown at your events won’t be a let-down. 

The acrobat

A circus act is never complete without acrobats. This, however, will require big spaces as most of their acts require poles, ropes, and nets where they can swing and fly. The most famous acrobatic act is the flying trapeze where acrobats will swing from at a very high height holding on to handles attached to ropes.

However, there are many other acts that acrobats do like the acrobatic dance which they can do on the ground and with medium-sized space and the tightrope walk where they walk on a tightrope without any safety harness holding only a long heavy pole to keep their balance.  

Fire performers

Some of the most popular performers that you can hire in your events are fire performers. Fire dancers swing balls of fire around them rapidly following the rhythm of the drums played at a very fast pace. These fire performers also show their skills by eating and blowing fire out of their mouths. Another dance that they do is where a person with an asbestos jacket dances with a metal pole that holds embers on both sides. He dance and the fire dances with him together with his movements. Embers shower around him and he is unfazed. It looks like you are watching the god of fire dance and this is an absolute sight to behold. 


For both small groups and larger ones, you can hire a magician to unfailingly entertain your guests. Whether they are kids or adults, there is a perfect magician for all occasions. From showman magicians to street magicians all of them can leave your guests at awe of the wonders of their craft. Magicians will always be amazing even with all the videos online showing the truth of their works, it will still never fail to amaze people that they cannot catch it with their own eyes, the sleight of hand and the ingenuity of these performers.

Whatever the occasion is, there is a perfect circus act for you. Whether it’s a birthday party or a music and arts festival, you can hire festive performers to bring the fun up a notch.