Betting on Football in 2020

It is hard to believe that another football season has almost come and gone. But there is still plenty to look forward to in 2020.

First, January is the start of the playoffs, so it is a primetime for NFL betting. We still are not quite sure what the playoffs look like right now, but we do have a pretty good idea on what to do when it is time to place those bets in the new year.

New England Patriots

We all thought the Patriots were going to be the favorites for the Super Bowl, but things have changed a bit. No longer at the top of the AFC, the Patriots look like they might be going downhill. Of course, they will still make it to the playoffs. But it might be a risky bet to say they are going to the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens

With the Patriots out of the top spot, that leaves the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens has taken over the AFC and as of now, seems to be the favorite for the Super Bowl. Will they win it? Hard to tell, but they will for sure make it to the Playoffs and as of now, probably the Super Bowl. Especially with help from MVP favorite, Lamar Jackson.

Seattle Seahawks

As for the NFC, it looks like betting on the Seahawks might be a wise move. They are just behind the San Francisco 49ers, but seem to be getting stronger, thanks to quarterback Russell Wilson. They will have a tough road ahead of them in the playoffs, needing to clear the Green Bay Packers and 49ers out of the way, but they are a pretty smart bet.

San Francisco 49ers

Another team in the NFC that might take it all this year is the 49ers. They are battling with the Seahawks right now, but they could make it all the way to the Super Bowl and even win it. Of course, their team will need to remain healthy and strong and beat out some pretty tough teams to get there.