A Short Guide on Soundproofing a Boat Engine?

Simply being on a boat is considered a luxury these days. Most people live their lives without knowing the tranquility that being out in the open sea or ocean brings. Being alone in open water is freeing. The air is different when everything around you is still liquid. There is only the slight breeze of the wind, and of course, the loud roaring of your boat engine. Nothing can ruin a new experience like noise.

Most people are unaware of how loud boats can be. It makes sense, though. They need a lot of power to move through the salty water. It is a few hundred times thicker than air, and that makes it that much tougher to handle. An important thing to note is that most boat engines make a sound that can be up to 110 decibels. We will make a small comparison just so you know how loud that is.

An airplane taking off at around two hundred feet from you will make a noise up to 118 decibels. The roaring of a boat engine is actually the human threshold for pain. Another comparison can be a rock concert, which can be 108 decibels.

Okay, now we have concluded that not everything is great about going on a boat. Most hobbyists or old-timers will say that’s what makes the whole adventure fun. But, that can also be an indication of long term hearing damage. Not only that, but miscommunication can happen during that time. If you are maneuvering something and your friend yells at you to help them fast, you might not hear them. That’s why it’s crucial to try and reduce the noise coming from the motor. And there are a few ways that you can do it.

Can you do it yourself?

The short answer here is yes. It’s pretty easy to do everything yourself, and it can turn out to be a fun DIY project to pass some time. You might be going fishing and almost all people who love to fish like to tinker with their equipment. Upgrading their tools to improve the catch. Well, you can think the same way about the boat. You will need a few materials, and you can get started right away. It’s that easy. So, what should you do if you have a loud boat engine?

What kind of materials will you need?

The good thing about living in today’s world is the Internet. You can get everything in just a few clicks. That’s much easier than going to stores and buying everything yourself, and it will be much cheaper as well. There are a few things that are a must, and you can improvise if you would like to. Insulation mats are a must, and it’s best if they are made of rubber. Apart from that, you would definitely need a tape measure. As well as that, you can get some foam that will insulate all those damaging high frequencies. Maybe you would like to add a custom motor cover as well to make everything look nice, compact, and beautiful.

How to approach the process?

The first thing we should say here is that you won’t be able to eliminate all of the noise. It’s just part and parcel with the boat itself. But, the good news is that it can be reduced to a deficient level. That level will not be hurting your eardrums, and it will be tolerable. There are several ways to start since there are both inboard and outboard motors.

No matter which ones you want to soundproof first, you will need to use the foam and the insulation materials. Try to cover up as much of the motor as you can without disrupting any air vents or moving parts. This is crucial to remember. If you obstruct the airflow of the engine, you are setting yourself up for a disaster. The motor can overheat, and it can injure somebody nearby, so you need to be very careful not to cover it up completely.

Another important thing is the moving parts. If you put the insulation or the foam and block a moving part, then it will just break after a while. Then you would either need to repair it or get a new motor, depending on the damage.

Now that you have paid attention to these critical details, you can check how your project has turned out. There are plenty of phone applications that measure the sound in decibels, and you can do a before and after measurement. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can add some more soundproofing materials. Then you measure the sound again until you get it right. Click here to read more.

A few final words

The calm ambient and feeling of a massive body of water can’t be replicated. It’s just something that is so hypnotizing and relaxing at the same time. The best days are the sunny ones where you are on your boat, enjoying life with your friends. And of course, no one likes the rainy or stormy days where everything is turbulent. So, give yourself a bit of that peace by soundproofing your engine. That way, you won’t have a loud storm with you everywhere you go. It will help your ears to be young and fresh, and everyone onboard will appreciate it too.