5 gifts that have withstood the test of time

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? We all remember those few truly special and meaningful gifts that make a lasting impact on us, and that enhance our relationships with the people who gave us the gifts. You can tell when someone really knows you deeply when they choose a gift that touches your heart. Over time, gift-giving has changed, as most things have. Christmas has become a capitalist showdown when it used to be simple stockings full of candy over a fire, for example. And while so much has changed, there are a few classic gifts that have withstood the test of time. Here’s a top five list of gifts you can give that will never go out of style.


The written word will never disappear, as long as humans need to communicate their deepest thoughts and feelings. Whether the recipient of your gift is a big reader or not; there are several ways to incorporate a book into what you give. Maybe you could find a special journal where the person can express their own thoughts, or some kind of graphic novel where the visual art allows those who read less often to enjoy literature. A stationery set or some nice pens can add some class to a gift as well.

Handmade, personalized gifts

Little kids have the right idea when it comes to gift-giving, creating a drawing or designing a clay mug for their mom or dad – why stop handcrafting gifts when you grow up? It is such a special thing when you receive a gift that took the giver significant time and effort to produce. A painting, a vase, or even a little sketch can make anyone feel valued. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself an artist, there are options all over Etsy and similar sites that can be personalized so that the final product is still something that reflects the care you took in choosing it.


If you really want to wow your significant other, it’s time to splurge for something sparkly. Pearls and diamonds are popular and meaningful for a reason, and can almost guarantee a happy recipient. These withstand the test of time not only because of their classic beauty that never fades, but also for the sturdy quality that comes with a well-made piece. Akoya pearl pendants, rings, and earrings will brighten any outfit and every time they wear the jewelry, they will be reminded of you and how important they are to you.

Something Delicious

While this next idea does not last forever (because it gets eaten), the concept of cooking to celebrate someone has been around since humans started making food taste better. Jazz up the simple birthday cake idea with your favorite person’s favorite dessert, or skip catering to cook something special together. Memories get made when food is involved, and recipes can connect us to others in really fun ways. From chopping up vegetables to decorating a beautiful party table, food really does bring us together.


Our final gift that withstands the test of time is pretty vague, and that’s intentional. If you’re trying to create an authentic celebration for your loved one, getting an idea straight from a list may not be your best bet – so try to create an experience with an activity that is uniquely catered to your person. Bowling, art classes, and wine tastings are all great ways to get multiple people involved in the gift, and the moments you all share together (don’t forget to take pictures!) can be treasured for a lifetime.