3 Large Family Must-Haves

Being a part of a large family is both endearing and challenging. It is endearing because the people surrounding you want to be together. It is a support group that can help you weather the storm, at the same time, it is challenging to find the right middle ground amongst so many personalities. Not all large families have the same setup. It isn’t always the case of having five or more kids. It can be living with extended family or adopting new members. Each scenario presents its challenges.

Since there is a lot to deal with people-wise, it is essential to have a home that does not aggravate the setup. Here are three home features that large families must have:

Have enough bathrooms for no early morning fights

Your new house should have enough bathrooms. The bathroom is an integral part of everyone’s daily routine. There are also situations that could call for more bathroom use like mornings on weekdays, a special occasion, and flu season. From doing your business to personal grooming its hard to share one bathroom among, say, ten people.

When you are unsure about the number of bathrooms, you need to consider the previous homes you’ve lived in and how well you have managed. You can look into your childhood set up as well. If you found that three bathrooms were enough if people follow a shower schedule, then go for three. Large houses for rent should have enough beds and baths since they were designed initially for large families as well.

Find a big kitchen with a lot of counter space

Feeding a large family can be very expensive. Even cheap budget fast food adds up when it is for a lot of people. Cooking your meals at home is the best way you can save money. Managing large portions means you need enough counter space or an island for prep. Homes that have low maintenance granite or composite materials are a steal because they are durable and easy to clean.

For your kitchen appliances, having a large refrigerator and an electric kettle can make a big difference. A large fridge gives you space to save your meal prepped ingredients and leftovers. An electric kettle allows your children, or non-cook family members, a way to help out in the morning with hot chocolate and coffee. It also keeps a burner on your stove free when you are cooking up a storm, but also require hot water. Other appliances you could consider are a microwave oven, toaster, and crockpot; however, it depends on what you find useful in your home.

Create extra living space outside

Living with a lot of people can make the home feel crowded even when it is spacious. Consider looking for homes that extend their living space outside by having a sunroom, lanai, or patio. Also, a table with seats in the garden will do. The area might not be frequented as much as the living room or private bedrooms but having access to the outside can be a relief to those who are getting stressed with the noise and activity.

When the basics are covered, there is more room to develop healthy relationships.