Why Buying The 2016 Nissan GTR Might Be Better Than Buying New

There are not many impressive automobiles out on the road that can compare with the Nissan GTR. The Nissan GTR has the fastest recorded highway speed and definitely blows people away aesthetically. But do you need to invest in a new 2018 GTR to get the same flash and excitement, or could buying an older model, like the 2016, be the best buy ever?

Although there have been some changes to the 2018 GTR, many car enthusiasts still think that the 2016 is the way to go, and that it has everything necessary to impress the same crowd without the higher price tag.

The 2016 is chock full of all the amazing features that you desire and will cost you a fraction of the price of buying new. Slated as one of the greatest automotive feats in history, the Nissan GTR is one of the most luxurious cars you can invest in. Here are just some of the reasons why the 2016 will not just suffice, but that it makes much more investment sense than buying the 2018.

Someone else has eaten the depreciation

When you buy a new car, the first two years is when you pay for the biggest equity hit in the car. Once those two years have taken their toll on the car’s value, the decline is pretty insignificant. If you buy a GTR that is two years old, you are letting someone else take the depreciation hit, and you are getting an amazing sports car that has almost the exact same features as buying new.

Engine options

The engine on the 2016 is unbeatable. Coming standard with a 3.8-liter 545 horsepower and packed V6 engine, you can also buy a used 2016 with a NISMO package. That means a whopping 600 horsepower upgrade that would cost you a considerable amount if you upgraded it on the newest model.

Trim package

The trim package of the 2016 is just as excellent as the 2018. As it is made of high-end leather and suede, the previous owner of the 2016 GT-R premium has likely taken special care to keep it beautiful and looking like new. So why invest in a new GTR that is out of your price range, when you can have the same thing that has only been driven by someone else for two years?

Larger cargo hold

The 2016 GTR came equipped with a larger cargo space than previous models. For a sports car to come with 8.8 cubic square feet of space is an impressive additional area to store stuff. If you are going to get a used Nissan GTR, then the 2016 is the perfect model year for all the changes that Nissan lovers enjoy so much.


Car buying is all about the built-in technology. If you are concerned that you will be missing out on infotainment or safety features, fear not. The 2016’s technology is highly comparable to the 2018 model. Cameras and touchscreen displays are all onboard the older model. The average car driver would have a hard time discerning what is different between the 2016 and 2018 when it comes to the technology provided.

Just as sleek

If you are considering buying the GTR for its look and sleekness, then you aren’t going to be missing out on anything if you choose to buy a used 2016 over spending a fortune buying new. The same sleek design and “wow” factor are built into the 2016. Unless you are a Nissan nut, you would have a really hard time spotting any differences between the two vehicles’ appearance.

If you are in the market for a GTR and wondering whether you should buy new or used, used is the way to go. A GTR owner is a special type of car owner who takes very good care of their automobile. That means that the previous owner probably treated your soon-to-be baby like their own baby and made sure it was fully maintained. The 2016 has all the same advantages, the same speed, and probably – in most instances – the same new car smell. The only difference is that it will cost you a fraction of the price and you’re letting the first owner pay off the majority of the depreciation for you.