What Makes a U.S. Military Wedding Different from Other Weddings

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Each one of us is dreaming and planning how to make our special day stand out and worth remembering for everyone. Sometimes, it’s easier said than done.

However, if you are serving in the military or you are an ex-Army officer, or you’re a cadet in the Academy, you are entitled to have a wedding ceremony in a military fashion. Military weddings in the States are different than the typical civil weddings in many ways.

Although they proved to be very hard to organize and plan due to the uncertainty and dynamics of living the military life, there is a big chance that everyone present at the wedding will remember it for all those little things that are applicable only to these types of weddings.

What are we talking about exactly here, and what are the things making the military wedding stand out? In this article, we’ll give you a number of brief examples of all the traditions related to military-themed weddings.

Dress Code

If you’re in the military and you decided to marry your beloved, you will be expected to wear your unit’s uniform, along with all medals or ribbons you might have. Also, as there will probably be lots of other military members (most commonly, the best man), that are also expected to wear their Army suits.

In rare cases when the bride is actually the one serving the country, there is a tradition that calls for a bride wearing military boots under her beautiful wedding dress.

Apart from that, when attending a military-themed wedding, all attendees should wear formal attire (and in white color also) with a proper hairstyle, if they’re not members of the military.

Arch From the Drawn Swords

Feeling of walking down the aisle and saying that fateful ‘’yes’’ is even better when you know that there will be a memorable moment after that where you and your beloved will march down the arch made of drawn swords and sabres.

Truly a sight to behold and relatable only to military weddings.

Army Insignia

To spice up things even more and make everyone feel the part of the Army tradition, couples can also opt for engraving custom insignia on challenge coins and presenting a coin to each one on the wedding.

It’s also worth noting here that military couples do enjoy some benefits in the form of numerous discounts when it comes to finding a professional makeup artist for the wedding or acquiring pearl wedding rings.

Since we were talking about custom challenge coins, professional yet affordable coins can be made by Embleholics.

Photo by Unsplash

Getting Married on Base

I guess you never thought that anyone gets married on base. Well, some of the military couples do.

Military bases of operation usually provide everything for the wedding ceremony and the reception that comes after that. You won’t have a chance of attending a wedding ceremony on base if you are invited to a civil wedding.


There are many other things we didn’t mention in this article, but we will leave the rest for you to imagine (although we are pretty sure that you already know of many things that should be added to our little list here).

One way or another, the bottom line is that military weddings are truly way different than other weddings. They never fail to create unforgettable memories and experiences for everyone.