Tips for Homecoming Dress Shopping

While homecoming may seem like it’s ages away, big events have a way of sneaking up on you. Before you know it, the leaves are changing and the dance is just a few short weeks away. Choosing the perfect homecoming dress can seem overwhelming, so here are a few tips to make your dress shopping experience as seamless as possible.

Start early

There’s a reason we’re writing this article month out and that’s because you need to start shopping early. The earlier you go hunting for a dress, the more options you will have. There are even some boutiques that have a list of high schools and the girls who are purchasing dresses from them and won’t sell a duplicate to a girl from the same school. You don’t want to fall in love only to find out someone else is going to be wearing your dream dress instead of you!

Bring the heels you’re going to wear (or similar)

If you don’t have the shoes you’re going to wear already purchased, bring something around the same heel height and style. This will change everything from the way you stand to the way the dress falls, and can dramatically change how you feel about a dress.

Don’t bring every friend you have

We get it; dress shopping is fun and exciting but bringing an entourage won’t do you any favors. In fact, having too many differing opinions can actually be discouraging and demoralizing. You’re not there to please everyone (and you simply can’t), so we recommend bringing one trusted friend that knows your style.

Don’t get stuck on one style

JJsHouse designer Jessica always cautions girls against getting stuck on a style they see in a magazine or on Pinterest.

“You don’t know how the style might actually fit you, so if you only look at dresses that are, say, mermaid style, you may miss out on an awesome dress!”

Instead, she suggests trying on several styles and colors and keeping in mind your body type and how you want the dress to fit. Find was it is you want to accentuate and then look for a dress that will do that for you.

Wear full makeup and do your hair

We know this might sound like overkill, but doing your hair and makeup will show you how amazing you’ll really look at the dance. By going shopping for a homecoming dress in full makeup (or whatever amount of makeup you would wear to homecoming), you’ll feel better about your appearance and won’t let any worries about your looks overcome how you feel about the dress. If you don’t want to do a full up do (and let’s be honest, how feasible is that?) just curling your hair or having it glossy and bouncy will add enough glam to make you feel like it’s the big day.

Get your underwear right

This is so important! Whenever you’re trying on a formal dress, you need to wear proper undergarments or you won’t be able to get a feel for how the dress actually fits. You want to wear underwear that won’t show lines or bunch up. You’ll also want to wear a convertible bra that will give you good support while allowing you to adjust it to fit whatever style of dress you’re trying on.


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