The Full Dimension of Entertainment: 3 Distinct Advantages of Surround Sound

Are you a movie fanatic or a hardcore gamer? Then getting a surround sound speaker system is well worth the investment. Simply put, the 360-degree sound that you get from one is far superior to what you could ever possibly hope to get out of a regular speaker that blasts it from one direction only. The experience is far richer, fuller, and much more satisfying. Granted, installing surround sound speakers will surely cost you some money, but it’s the only way to feel as if you’re sitting in a movie theater.

Without complicating it too much, here are 3 distinct advantages associated with installing a surround sound speaker system:

1. No need to worry where you’re sitting

Unlike what the case may be with regular speakers, where you’re sitting in a room doesn’t really matter – you’re still going to be able to experience the same surround sound quality and loudness. In other words, you could be sitting right in front of the tv or next to the back wall, and the loudness would still be the same, and the same goes for the quality of the sound. Therefore, inviting some friends over and letting them sit just about wherever they want is a great way to throw a party, as long as the room is spacious enough and there’s plenty of snacks to enjoy.

2. An on-demand realistic theater experience

Feel like watching a movie, but the nearest cinema isn’t all that near, or you simply can’t be bothered to leave your house at the moment? Well, if you don’t mind having to place some extra speakers around the room, you can have an on-demand realistic theater experience whenever you desire. And if you simply can’t find enough space to fit it all in, surround sound headphones are the next best thing. At any rate, explosions, bullets swinging through the air, swords clashing, etc., will get a whole new meaning when being able to enjoy the thrill and excitement of surround sound technology. For the fullest experience possible, consider using 7 speakers at the same time.

3. Fitting for any budget

Don’t have the money to splurge on 7 speakers? No problem – you can use as little or as many as you want to. For starters, strategically placing 3 speakers around the room can have a similar effect as a full-blown multi-speaker setup. In case you want to step it up a notch at a later date, you can do so without any problems whatsoever. Simply purchase additional speakers, set them up, and you’re done. Just bear in mind that, as of right now, not every movie or video game supports the surround sound setup (hint: look for the 7.1 surround sound audio logo on the packaging), but as time goes on, more and more entertainment companies will be catching up with the trend, so expect plenty of changes for the better in the future.


Installing a surround sound system will improve your multimedia experience with a great deal, there’s no doubt about it. In the end, movies, music, and video games are escapism at its finest. They bring us to another world to escape the monotony of everyday life, albeit for a short little while. All the more reason to make it count and truly experience the journey as it was meant to be experienced – to the fullest!