Partner Workouts: How to Get Fit Together

Partners that get fit together stay together. You can have a lot of fun on the road to fitness, and it’s even more fun when you bring your partner along. Deciding to get fit as a couple has a host of benefits. You’ll improve your body, mind, and spirit while increasing levels of intimacy between you.

Tips for Getting Fit Together

If you’re looking for ways to get fit together, try out a few of these activities. Before you get started, remember to warm up together and try a few partner stretches to loosen your muscles and prevent injury.

Run Together

Running is the most cost-effective means of getting fit, all you need is a good pair of shoes and the road. Running releases, the “feel-good” hormones oxytocin and norepinephrine. These hormones create a state of euphoria in your brain that some people describe as “runners high.”

Some people just aren’t designed for running. If you experience pain in tour knees, hips, or ankles, you may have a posture or mobility disorder that prevents you from tearing up the tarmac with your partner. Visit a physiotherapist to rehabilitate your joints and restore strength to your frame.

Take a Yoga Class

Partner stretching is an excellent way of getting to know your partner’s body. This form of exercise relies on the trust you build between yourselves while working out. Yoga synchronizes your body’s through active breath control and movement.

Bikram yoga involves performing partner stretches in a room heated to 95–108 °F with a humidity of 40%. This temperature and humidity emulate the hot environment of the Indian mountains where yogis performed their poses.

Join CrossFit

CrossFit is the world’s fastest-growing athletic sport. When Greg Glassman founded CrossFit in the late 1990’s, he had no idea that it would become such a popular way of keeping fit. Today CrossFit has affiliate gyms all over the globe, with international competitions featuring the fittest men and women on the planet.

Push Each Other

Working out isn’t just physical, it has a psychological component as well. When you’re tired and want to quit, you can rely on your partner to motivate you through your moment of weakness. Push each other to break through your sticking points and set new records on your way to peak physical condition.

Make it Semi-Competitive

Working out should be fun for both of you, but there’s nothing wrong with introducing a bit of light-hearted competition. Challenge your partner and create small stakes for reaching specific goals with your training.

Some couples enjoy this competitive environment and even develop a taste for real competition. What started as a fun run between both of you could end up with you both competing in the Comrade’s marathon!

Eat and Enjoy Meals Together

IF you want to exercise, you’ve got to eat. Take the opportunity to start a new diet together. Throw out any food sources that include refined carbohydrates, sugar, and bad fats. Replace these calories with nutrient-dense foods from organic, sustainably farmed sources.

Nutrition plays a significant role in fitness and weight loss, and it’s much easier to start a healthy diet when both partners in the relationship decide to make a change.

Healthy Living for Happy Couples

Choosing a partner in life that’s there for you through the good times, and the bad is something that everyone deserves. When your both fit and healthy you can expect to have better energy levels, improved mood, and enhanced sexual appetite for one another.

However, it’s all just a wish until you decide to execute. Sit down with your partner and write down a few health goals you can achieve together. Once you have a plan, get started as soon as you can before the idea turns cold.