How to Travel Across the US Without Losing Your Mind

Traveling can be full of the unexpected. While things may happen that are outside of your control, there are always things you can do to plan ahead and be well prepared.

Here are five tips for how you can travel across the US without losing your mind.

Don’t always follow the GPS

Although it’s important to have some idea of where you’re going, don’t be afraid to travel off the beaten path and spontaneously explore places. If you get a strong urge to take a different road or head somewhere you hadn’t planned, go for it!

You may find that being too rigid and sticking to a schedule can strip the fun out of your travels. The world lived without satellite maps before, so follow your intuition instead of the GPS.

Look for accommodation with extras

Since you’ll be spending so much time in the car, it’s important to stay somewhere nice as a treat to yourself. Find a hotel that has a spa or a sauna so you can relax after a long day.

There’s also a lot more hotels can provide you with than just extra amenities. Ask the concierge or waiter for recommendations of what to do in the area, as their unbiased opinions may help you avoid the tourist traps.

Book in advance

Avoid unnecessary worry about finding a nice place to stay by booking accommodation in advance. IHG delivers true hospitality for everyone, so consider staying in a place like Nashville Hotel Indigo for truly great experience.

You should also buy any tickets and tours ahead of time so you don’t miss out on anything. You’ll often find discounts and better deals by looking around and booking online.

Allow extra time

Nothing will ruin your trip more than being in a constant rush. Allow yourself some extra time to take in each new city or town you’re in. Make room for both downtime and for exploring anything unexpected that may catch your interest.

If you’re always in a hurry, you won’t enjoy your travels as much as you could. Try to be present and not worry about where you’re going next.

Stock up at the supermarket

If you’re someone who gets grumpy when hungry, this is probably an obvious suggestion. Travel snacks are so important, so visit a supermarket before you leave to stock up on some nutritious snacks to keep you going. Nuts, fruit and muesli bars are always good. If you don’t already have a cooler, buy one to keep drinks chilled in the back so you’ll always stay hydrated.

Also, don’t forget that supermarkets can be good for last minute or replacement travel accessories.