How to Prevent Damage to Asphalt Driveways in the Summer

Heat waves can be very exhausting and at times even damaging, especially to your driveway. As soon as the sunlight hits the asphalt, it starts oxidizing, the glue that holds together the aggregate evaporates and dries out. Moreover, extreme sun can soften the structure of your driveway. Soft asphalt is more vulnerable to punctures, scratches and breakage.

Find out the best tips for protecting your driveway from the summer heat and keeping it fresh and smooth for many years to come.

Patch Up Quickly

Summer heat and extreme sunshine can break down the components of the asphalt structure, thus forming potholes and cracks. Make sure to seal any signs of cracks as early as possible to prevent any further damage, which can end up being very quick and significant given the summer heat. You can either do the damage control yourself, or hire a construction company that will do it for you. Repairing fresh damage is going to be much cheaper than dealing with substantial consequences that you will get later on. If you live in Florida with some of the hottest summers in the USA, then ABC paving company based in Florida will be your best friend for driveway care and maintenance.

Avoid Heavy Work On the Driveway

Doing any heavy duty stuff can not only be bad for your health, but also for your driveway. Softened asphalt is very susceptible to the damage, thus if you drag/drop anything heavy, your driveway can end up with an ugly crack later on.

Give Your Driveway a Refreshing Bath

You are not the only one who enjoys a cold shower or cooling off in a pool – your driveway can definitely benefit from cold water as well. Some people flush the driveway with the hose when watering the garden or set up the sprinklers so that they hit the driveway. The water will keep your driveway from overheating on especially hot days. Cooler surface will also help your pets to avoid any burns.


Additional way to prevent the heat damage to your driveway is sealcoating. The sealcoating not only protects from heat, but also prevents the damage from any chemicals and cold weather. Seal coat is an emulsion that is applied as an additional layer on top of your driveway.

Just remember, when the heat comes your driveway needs to take it easy just like you. With a little TLC, your driveway will survive the longest heat waves.